Ac/Dc’s new record, “PWR UP”, sounds the same like the other albums? Not from what I’M Hearing…

Man, I’ve been listening to the new Ac/Dc record at the gym on a non-stop repeated basis. I can’t help it. The new album is definitely the best album they’ve done in a long time. Looking at the AD/DC discography, I would say that “PWR UP” would have to be their best album since “The Razor’s Edge” released in 1990.

Ac/Dc’s last four or 5 albums: “Ball Breaker”, “Stiff Upper Lip”, “Black Ice” and “Rock or Bust” were all ok and so & so but I think Ac/Dc really stepped their game up with “PWR UP”.

A lot of AC/DC fans are saying that “PWR Up” sounds like every Ac/DC album but I’ve listened to the new record non-stop… probably like over 20 times, lol. The band still sounds the same but at the same time, “PWR Up” is slightly different than their previous records. I’m noticing more vocal harmonies and more backup vocals. The songs are a little more riffier, more darker and heavier than their past 4 or 5 albums. It’s definitely different I would say and Brian’s been doing different things with his voice on the new record too.

For example, a song like “Demon Fire”… that’s a song that sounds like they’ve never done before. Probably the heaviest song on the record too. I’ve been listening to “PWR Up” a lot. Such a fun album for sure.

Those saying that the album sounds the same like all the other albums just don’t know what they’re talking about. Angus’s guitar playing is a little different too and sounds like the riffs are more complicated than anything they’ve done in the past. They’re doing more than just playing power chords and basic open chords like they’re known to doing.

It’s a killer album. Love it so much.


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