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The Grammy’s thoughts…

Yes, I did watch the Grammy’s last night ’cause I had nothing else better to do and I watched the show just for laughs alone. Predictably most of it was a pretty bad show but I think this year’s was the worse but thankfully Ac/Dc saved it at the beginning of it. I’m glad they put Ac/Dc as the first performer, otherwise we would have to get struck through a bad show just to see them. Ac/Dc killed it as expected! The band played their own instruments… there was no miming and lip-syncing to a backing track. Ac/Dc can really play and Brian Johnsonw was really singing. You can tell the band was doing everything for real! I think it’s safe to say that Ac/Dc was the only good thing about last night’s show. Ac/Dc is real music there and the band showed the Grammy’s artists how to really perform live!

Anyway, most of the show last night was boring ’cause there were way too many live performances and less awards given. I mean, really? Most of the performances the artists performed slow ballads. I was bored to tears when Lady Gaga and Tony got up there.

I even hated Kanye West’s performance… all he did was stand on a light with smoke coming out of it and moving his arms around while lip-syncing to a backing track.

The Awards given to was laughable as usual except I was pretty surprised that Beck won for “Album of the Year” for his newest album, “Morning Phase”. I used to like Beck but not anymore. I stopped liking Beck after the “Odelay” album ’cause I liked his earlier stuff more when he was doing the folk music thing like all the stuff he did on the “Mellowgold” album, that’s the kind of Beck I wanna hear. Beck has gone a bit too pop, in my opinion but I’m still happy for him that he won, though. Beck winning is better than Beyonce winning.

One thing I was disgusted with last night’s Grammy’s was that they ended the show with a “Black History Month” kind of thing and they payed tribute to the movie, “Selma” and that little thug, Michael Brown. I mean, really? I think the only reason they did that ’cause it was their way of making liberals and the black community happy ’cause their Beyonce didn’t win, “Album of the Year”. The Grammy’s did that ’cause they didn’t want to anger Al Sharpton and the race baiters. It was proven over and over again, that Michael Brown was a criminal and thug… and they just honored him last night. Typical liberal Hollywood! Nothing new there.

I’m sure Al Sharpton and the racebaiters are gonna be pissed that Beyonce didn’t win “Album of the Year” but they need to get over themselves and they need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them, that’s not how life works, ya know?

Once again, Ac/Dc was the only good thing about last night’s show and I’m glad to see Chris Slade back in the band.


The Grammy’s finally starting to give rock music more respect? Ac/Dc set to perform award show on TV…

The Grammy Awards have always been dominated by pop, rap and country for many years. Last year’s Grammy’s they had Metallica & Lang Lang, Queens of the Stone Age, NIN perform on TV.

This year they are having Ac/Dc.

I hate the Grammy’s like most but it’s actually kind of cool that they are giving rock n’ roll more respect. Hopefully they don’t put Ac/Dc as the last performer where the Grammy’s would cut their performance at the end of the show like they did with NIN last year. I don’t think the Grammy’s would do that to Ac/Dc though… those guys are iconic rock legends and they don’t wanna disrespect them.

Congrats to Ac/Dc. Yeah, I love the band. Always did and I’ll be watching the Grammy’s just for their performance alone.


I agree with Ac/Dc headlining “Coachella” but not Drake and Jack White…

Man, I’m tired of Jack White headlining all the big festivals lately. I’m NOT a fan of the White Stripes or his solo career. Jack White is overrated as hell as I’ve never bought his music. Yet, another rapper headlining a festival.

I agree with Ac/Dc, though. Ac/Dc haven’t headlined a big festival in many years so I’m glad they’re getting the opportunity.

I used to appreciate and respect these big festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bamboozle, etc but they are becoming a joke lately. I am beginning to hate them all.


Edit to add: I meant to say that I wasn’t a fan of the White Stripes or Jack White’s solo stuff.

Ac/Dc’s “Rock Or Bust” is actually not a bad album, it’s pretty good…

A lot of people claim that Ac/Dc never changed their style over the years. Even the band themselves made that claim. I disagree. I listened to Ac/Dc’s  new album, “Rock Or Bust” earlier today and I was pretty impressed with the album. Despite Mal not playing guitar on it… the album is still good. Their style is a little bit different with their new guitarist, Stevie Young. I think the riffs are great and when I heard the album, I still felt that Mal was playing guitar on it even if he’s not in the line-up anymore sadly. The riffs are really great and catchy. This is Brian’s best singing and Angus’s guitar solo’s are badass as usual.

This album may sound a little too pop and every song sounds like a radio friendly single but it’s still a fun album. Not the best Ac/Dc album. In my opinion, “The Razor’s Edge” will always be the best Brian era album. Nothing will top that album. I only listened to “Rock Or Bust” album once today and I’ll have to listen to it a few more times. “Rock Or Bust” is still a pretty tight album and fun to listen to. I dug it.

Ac/Dc has always been one of those bands that you either love or hate but I love them. Always did. They are one of my top 10 favorite legendary bands other than Led Zep, The Allman Bros., The Doors, Metallica and The Clash.

“Rock Or Bust” is definitely a must listen.


Why I’m not getting the new albums by Pink Floyd or Ac/Dc…

To be honest, I don’t think I’m gonna get the new albums by either Pink Floyd or Ac/Dc. Pink Floyd released a new album called, “Endless River” which is a tribute to Rick Wright and unreleased material recorded around the “Division Bell” sessions. Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with their new song that just came out, “Louder Than Words” in which David Gilmour sings. I wasn’t too impressed with that song at all. It was kind of boring and un-listenable at best. I listened to other clips of the album in ITunes and wasn’t too thrilled about the other tracks so I don’t think I’m gonna get it. I do like Pink Floyd, I prefer their older stuff with Syd Barrett and Roger Waters. I’ve noticed that “Endless River” is getting mostly negative reviews so I guess the rest of the Pink Floyd fanbase would come to an agreement that this new album release is a bit of a let down and disappointment.

As for Ac/Dc, I’m not really all that thrilled with their new songs either. It’s just the same typical three or four chord pop songs that Ac/Dc have always been known to writing. Plus, I don’t want to get an Ac/Dc album that doesn’t have Malcolm Young on guitar.

I don’t think I’m gonna get these two albums at all and think I’m gonna skip ’em.

I am gonna get the new Smashing Pumpkins album, “Monuments To An Elegy”, I’ve been impressed with the songs that Billy Corgan have been releasing so far so I’m probably gonna end up buying that one. There are still a few other albums I need to get that came out earlier this year like Fozzy “Do You Wanna Start A War”, Primus “Primus & the Chocolate Factory”, Opeth “Pale Communion” and Judas Priest “Redeemer of Souls”. I’ll try to get to those albums pretty soon.

I’ll have to admit that 2014 was a pretty decent year of music. I purchased quite a bit of new albums this year and I usually don’t buy too many new albums. When will my top music list be up this year? At the end of year I usually do a Top 10 Best of but this year, I think I’m gonna make it a top 15. So at the end of December I’m gonna do a list of Top 15 Best Music Albums of 2014. I’ll do the same for movies too. I’ll make the Top 15 Best of Music and Movies lists in a video blog at the end of the year… either at the end of Dec. or beginning of January.


Looks like Ac/Dc is gonna lose another founding member…

Ac/Dc was pretty quick in responding to Phil Rudd’s arrest as you can see here. I’m sure the band is just as shocked as we all are. The band going through another setback. First they lose their founding member and rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young and it looks like they’re gonna lose another member. If Phil is found guilty for trying to have two men killed, he could be put away in prison for a long time so lets hope he is innocent.

As you can see, even though the band lost two members… they are still going forward with their world tour so it now looks like they’re gonna have to replace a drummer. They’ve dealt with setbacks in the past before with the passing of their original frontman Bon Scott so I’m sure they’re used to it.

Although the band lost two members now, they just can’t hang it up. Do you know that old saying, “The show must go on”. Well, they booked a pretty lengthy world tour for their 40th Anniversary. It’s their 40th Anniversary so they can’t call it quit.

I hope Phil won’t be guilty of this crime so he can go on with the tour. We’ll wait and see what happens.

This is the name of the game when you play in bands. You’ll deal with a lot of setbacks. A lot of ups and downs. Your whole career is not always gonna be positive and happy. That’s just the way life is.