Why Axl Rose fronting Ac/Dc would be a good idea…

So Brian Johnson is leaving Ac/Dc temporarily to save his hearing. Then word got out that Axl Rose is taking over as frontman/singer to finish off the rest of the Ac/Dc tour ’cause after all, the show needs to go on right? At first, I kept thinking that Axl Rose singing for Ac/Dc is just a phony rumor that got out and then a photo leaked to the internet of Axl leaving the band’s studio. It might turn out true after all.


Some people are not liking the idea of Axl singing for Ac/Dc but I think it’s a good idea. Why? Guns N’ Roses covered a lot of Ac/Dc at their shows over the years and Axl actually sounds pretty good singing Ac/Dc songs. Listen to him below. I think Axl is the best guy to sing for Ac/Dc. I mean, Axl sounds like a modern day version of Bon Scott pretty much. Pretty close to it,I would say.

I take it that Ac/Dc is one of Axl’s favorite bands and Ac/Dc is one of Axl’s biggest influences. I can’t blame Axl for accepting the opportunity to sing for Ac/Dc ’cause it’s probably a dream come true for him so I congratulate Axl.

The news of Axl singing for Ac/Dc hasn’t been publicly confirmed yet but I’m sure it will be soon.


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