Hillary refusing to debate Bernie ’cause of his nasty “tone”… just wait until she debates Trump, y’all…

Aaaawwwwwwww… so Hillary is refusing to debate Bernie Sanders ’cause she doesn’t like his tone and his negativity toward her. Poor baby. If she thinks Bernie is nasty to her then wait until she debates Trump in the General Election. Trump is gonna be 10x’s nastier to her than Bernie, trust me on that, y’all.

What is she doing running for prez when she can’t take the heat in debates? Being able to take heat is the name of the game in politics, yo. Her refusing to debate Bernie just further shows that she won’t be able to handle Trump either.


When the General Election comes, Hillary better show up to debate Trump. If she won’t show up to debate Trump then all that would prove is that this cunt is nothing but a coward. Even though she won’t show at debates, she’ll still win the election anyways.


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