It’s amazing how liberals think illegal aliens are innocent people, what planet are they living on?

Liberals really do live in this delusional fantasy world that illegal aliens are sweet, wonderful and innocent people who need more help. It’s really quite pathetic. Most liberals believe that illegals aren’t dangerous people. They think they aren’t capable of committing crimes. Seriously? Liberals are a piece of work when you want to debate them on this stuff for sure. You tell liberals that illegals are dangerous, violent and criminals… liberals will deny it and shrug it off each time. Even if you show proof, they’ll still shrug it off and continue to act like you’re stupid. There’s all kinds of police blotter articles out there on the web of illegal aliens getting arrested for various crimes but when you want to show them that stuff, they’ll still shrug it off. When you show liberals police blotter articles of illegal Mexican immigrants getting arrested for different crimes, liberals go crazy and go raging mad.

For example, this police blotter article here:

And I’m sure you can find many others like that online.

There’s all kinds of proof out there showing that a lot of illegals are dangerous criminals… they rape, they kill people, they burglarize homes & stores, they bring in drugs, they’re involved in human trafficking, a lot of them are in gangs, some of them are in drug cartels, etc. A lot of illegal immigrants have had a long history of crimes so a lot of them probably have a pretty long rap sheet.

These are the kind of people we want to give citizenships to? These are the kinds of people we want to give them better jobs, more pay, free health care and all that stuff? We want to give them the right to vote? No thank you.

Liberals want to deny that illegals are criminals and bad people but when you show them proof, it drives them nuts and absolutely insane. It’s just pretty clear that they can’t take the truth. They can’t accept reality and how things really are. It’s quite sad. What’s even sadder is that when you want to call illegals criminals and dangerous people, liberals will call you a hateful person and bigoted. Even worse, they’ll call you racist too.

Just wait until your kids get kidnapped or your wife/daughter gets raped. Just wait until one of your loved ones gets murdered for no reason. If you find that a Mexican illegal immigrant is responsible, it’s your own damn fault for not listening to us.

I’m totally with Donald Trump on Border Security and you should listen to him too. Border security is a big deal and should be taken seriously. Liberals and some Republican voters wants us to treat illegals kindly but illegals don’t deserve to be treated kindly. Fuck ’em. Deport ’em all back to where they came from ’cause they don’t belong here.


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