Who will help Shane win his match against Undertaker at “Hell in a Cell” for WM-32…

Yeah, I’m probably gonna end up watching WM-32 this Sunday night. I skipped the last couple of Wrestlemania’s lately ’cause I lost interest in WWE. I haven’t watched RAW in a long time. I haven’t watched RAW in over a year so far but I still read what’s going on, though. Even though I stopped watching WWE, I still have a love for professional wrestling. Anyway, I’m probably gonna end up watching WM-32 this Sunday ’cause there are 3 matches on the card I want to see. I’m gonna watch the ppv for “Undertaker vs. Shane”, “Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar” and “Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles”. Those three matches will probably steal the show at Wrestlemania this Sunday for sure.

As far as the Undertaker vs. Shane match… I’m predicting that Shane McMahon is probably gonna win that one so he can take control of RAW. Shane won’t win the match by himself, though. I think Shane is definitely gonna get some help. Probably some iconic superstar from the past is gonna get involved in that match to help Shane win against Undertaker at “Hell in a Cell”. I think Undertaker is gonna lose again ’cause rumor has it Undertaker is retiring from wrestling soon anyways, that’s what I heard anyways.

Anyhow, the top 5 superstars from the past who I think will help Shane win the Hell in a Cell match?

1. Sting
2. Kurt Angle
3. John Cena
4. Stone Cold Steve Austin
5. Mick Foley

I threw Mick Foley in there ’cause there’s a guy who knows Hell in a Cell matches better than anybody so it would kind of make sense if Foley went in to help Shane. That be kind of cool if Foley got involved in another “Hell in a Cell” match again.

If not Foley then it’s probably gonna be the other 4.

Cena has been gone from wrestling for a long while and he could mark his return at WM-32 at some point.

There’s a lot of talk that Kurt Angle might be returning to WWE at some point. Sting is rumored to make an appearance and Stone Cold Steve Austin is expected to be involved in Wrestlemania this Sunday but who knows what Stone Cold will do? Could Stone Cold deliver the Undertaker a few stunners and the double finger?

Most of the Wrestlemania card is pretty bad but I’m only looking forward to 3 matches so I hope it’s worth the money.

Undertaker vs. Shane will be a good one though. I’m sure Shane will do a few dangerous high flying moves that will thrill the crowd and Shane will hurt himself doing it too. It should be a pretty thrilling match and I’m looking forward to it. Undertaker matches are always good and they never disappoint.



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