People really need to wake up on Islam and Illegal immigration… seriously…

I posted this video once and don’t mind posting it again. Once again, immigration in Europe is really bad. It’s worse in Europe than the USA. Pretty soon we’ll get what Europe is having if we don’t wake up soon.

The reason a lot of people hate Trump ’cause of his stance on immigration is ’cause the media is dishonest about it all. The media has always been protective of illegal immigrants. People think Trump is a hateful guy because of his views on illegal aliens.

Watch this video and then tell me whether or not Trump is right. Illegal immigration and Islam are both a real problem in America and around the world, it’s a shame people can’t see that. People really need to wake up on this stuff. You’ll be sorry if you don’t. Illegal aliens aren’t normal people, y’all. They’re called illegal immigrants for a pretty good reason. There’s a pretty good reason why they’re not allowed citizenships.


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