The Grammy’s finally starting to give rock music more respect? Ac/Dc set to perform award show on TV…

The Grammy Awards have always been dominated by pop, rap and country for many years. Last year’s Grammy’s they had Metallica & Lang Lang, Queens of the Stone Age, NIN perform on TV.

This year they are having Ac/Dc.

I hate the Grammy’s like most but it’s actually kind of cool that they are giving rock n’ roll more respect. Hopefully they don’t put Ac/Dc as the last performer where the Grammy’s would cut their performance at the end of the show like they did with NIN last year. I don’t think the Grammy’s would do that to Ac/Dc though… those guys are iconic rock legends and they don’t wanna disrespect them.

Congrats to Ac/Dc. Yeah, I love the band. Always did and I’ll be watching the Grammy’s just for their performance alone.


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