So Black Lives Matter hey? Where’s Obama and Sharpton when you need ’em???

I don’t mean to post these graphic photos of dead bodies but I had to so I can make a point.

The black community and libtards wanna protest over all this “Black Lives Matter” stuff but what about the black lives in Nigeria? Thousands of black Africans have been slaughtered to death by Boko Haram in Nigeria. Will there be any rioting and protesting for them?

Again, Boko Haram is an Islamic terrorist group. Where are the hashtags from Michelle and Barack about those black Africans getting murdered in Nigeria?

Nobody in the Obama administration is gonna call this “radical Islam” just like they won’t call the Paris attacks that.

Keep protecting Islam you dumbass libtards. Muslim terrorism is getting way out of hand. This is what Obama wants and this is his goal. When will this fucking country wake up and realize that Obama is a terrorist sympathizer and supporter? Do delusional Obama supporters feel safe yet? Bunch of losers…

I pray for Nigeria.


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