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So Black Lives Matter hey? Where’s Obama and Sharpton when you need ’em???

I don’t mean to post these graphic photos of dead bodies but I had to so I can make a point.

The black community and libtards wanna protest over all this “Black Lives Matter” stuff but what about the black lives in Nigeria? Thousands of black Africans have been slaughtered to death by Boko Haram in Nigeria. Will there be any rioting and protesting for them?

Again, Boko Haram is an Islamic terrorist group. Where are the hashtags from Michelle and Barack about those black Africans getting murdered in Nigeria?

Nobody in the Obama administration is gonna call this “radical Islam” just like they won’t call the Paris attacks that.

Keep protecting Islam you dumbass libtards. Muslim terrorism is getting way out of hand. This is what Obama wants and this is his goal. When will this fucking country wake up and realize that Obama is a terrorist sympathizer and supporter? Do delusional Obama supporters feel safe yet? Bunch of losers…

I pray for Nigeria.


The only reason Obama is doing something about the kidnapped Nigerian girls…

Since Obama’s approval ratings in America has gone way down and all he’s doing is hurting America and the American people, Obama just figured that the kidnapped Nigerian girls is just a way for him to make himself look like a hero again. He did it with the death of Bin Laden, now he figures that hoping to rescue the Nigerian girls is a good opportunity for him to get even more respect from his liberal supporters. Everybody knows that Obama has huge heart for Africa and that’s another reason he’s doing it. He’s also doing it for them not just to boost his ego in politics.

Now, it wouldn’t surprise me that Obama closely worked with Boko Haram behind the scenes and had them kidnap the girls so Obama can look like a hero again. Isn’t that what he did with Benghazi and the death of Bin Laden? He wants to do something about the Nigerian girls as a way to get the American people’s minds off of Benghazi and all other government crimes. That’s why Michelle Obama started those lame hashtags, she’s the one who started that trend obviously.

Don’t get me wrong. I find it sad and tragic that those Nigerian girls were kidnapped (I hope they get rescued too) but I feel it doesn’t deserve to be huge news since Nigeria has nothing do with us. We shouldn’t get into that. I just feel that this shouldn’t be a big deal to the US. Let Nigeria handle their own problem. The Nigerian kidnapping has nothing to do with the USA and Obama is no stranger to doing positive things for other countries instead of the US. Like I repeatedly said before, these kidnappings and human trafficking happens all of the fucking time. It happens all over the world and the USA. Like I said in a previous post, we need to focus on disappearing children who were kidnapped in the US. You get what I’m saying? The President of the US should be focusing on our homeland and not showing support for other countries.

Just even more signs that Obama fucking hates America. Can’t you see it? He’s making us look bad by agreeing to do something about those girls in Nigeria.

The Obama administration is in a bad way like with Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, etc. So this is just their way of making them look innocent and harmless by doing something about these girls. Their sneaky way of making them look like heroes again, I repeat… and like I said if they were white American girls, Obama wouldn’t have gave a shit. He would have let those terrorists take them and kill them if they wanted.

Wake up, America. He would rather do something about that but he continues to destroy our country? Remember, he killed tons of children with drones… where’s the outrage in that? This man is evil and this should be a good enough sign he doesn’t give a shit about us.


We need to focus on putting an end to human trafficking/kidnapping in the USA, not in Africa…

Where is the outrage???





Millions of children and even adults get kidnapped/abducted every single day… every second that goes by. It’s always been a huge problem in America.

Why does America have to put their focus on Africa? So yeah, bring back “our girls”. “Our girls” in the USA… not some girls from some other country we don’t know about.


I think all of this campaigning to “Bring Back Our Girls” is lame, who cares…

I haven’t really commented on this stuff that a terrorist group in Nigeria called Boko Haram kidnapping about 300 Nigerian girls ’cause I don’t really care. I think all this hashtagging about it is really lame and stupid. Who came up with the idea of the dumb hashtags, “Bring Back Our Girls” and “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls”??? Wow.

You honestly think Boko Haram is gonna release these girls after all those Hollywood celebrities and the Obamas posting photos of themselves holding up a sign with a “Bring Back Our Girls” hashtag on it?

On top of that… this stuff is nothing new. Human trafficking happens all over the world. Happens all the time, even in the USA. I also don’t get the “Our Girls”. These aren’t “our girls”. These girls weren’t from the USA, so why is everybody promoting it as “our girls”? I don’t understand it??? If they weren’t from the USA, then why should we care?

Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for anybody getting kidnapped and going missing but this stuff doesn’t concern us at all so why do the USA have to get in on this? *sigh* Freakin’ liberals.

Do you think the Obama administration is gonna do something about it? Since Boko Haram is an islamist/muslim terrorist group, I’m almost certain Barack is in favor of them and would welcome it… after all isn’t Barack a terrorist supporter? Him and Michelle seemed to be getting into all this campaigning too and it seems like the Obamas started it all, then Hollywood followed… well, I think they did it just to get people’s minds off of Benghazi. Plus, why would the Obamas care about Nigerian girls being kidnapped when the Obamas are child killers themselves by dropping drones all over the world??? Makes them look like total hypocrites. The Obamas just wanna be at the center of everyone’s attention, all the time. Again, this is just them trying to get our minds off of Benghazi.

We got better things to worry about than this. Our own country in America is in danger. We need to worry more about fixing America and getting those held accountable for Benghazi, IRS and many other government crimes.

It’s terrible that young kids get kidnapped and stuff but these things happen all the time. Everyday, every second, a child gets kidnapped from all over the world. It happens. Why should the USA care about the thing going on in Nigeria?

I refuse to be a part of this hashtag campaigning.