Obama administration censoring anti-Obama youtubers???

Hmmmmm, this is interesting to me so I decided to share it here. I never heard of anti-Obama youtuber, Mark Dice, until I read about this in info wars. Mark Dice’s youtube channel has been shut down by the Obama administration due to new policies in the TOS.



It’s looking like that Obama is doing all he can to get rid of all of anti-Obama videos in youtube. There are tons of anti-Obama youtube channels, I can find you plenty of ’em. If he’s trying to get rid of all anti-Obama content on the web good luck on that. It’s just bothering him that he doesn’t like how so many people hate him. Well, guess what, Barack? That’s called karma!

You wanna know why Obama spies on people through NSA, IRS, etc? It isn’t because he’s fighting terrorism. He just goes after Americans who doesn’t agree with how he’s running the country. That’s the way the USA works. If Obama wants to treat America so badly, then the American people will not respond so kindly either. That’s the way it goes.

If Obama somehow discovers my blog and wants to censor me, I’d say bring it the fuck on!!!! This is a violation of the 1st Amendment, indeed.

I’ll have to check out Mark Dice’s channel. Looks like good stuff!


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