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You can’t compare Trump to other celebrities… he’s a businessman… not an actor or a musician…

You know how when us Trump supporters try to tell celebrities to shut up about politics and then the anti-Trump people will try to make us look like a hypocrite by saying that Trump is a celebrity too? You can’t compare Trump to other celebrities ’cause he’s a businessman, a CEO. He’s not an actor who plays make-believe people and he’s not a musician either. Watch Mark Dice explain that in the video above when he destroys actress Alyssa Milano on twitter.

So us Trump supporters have all our right to talk about politics. What saddens me is that those anti-Trump and NeverTrump people always listen to people who says bad things about Trump. Whenever someone talks trash about Trump, the anti-Trumpers will love them for it.

People think we’re crazy for boycotting celebrities who says bad things about Trump and people actually believe that celebrities have the right to say these things. Really? The reason we boycott celebrities for saying bad things about Trump is ’cause we feel it’s important that we make sure that Trump has our back and full support 100%. We boycott to help fight for him. As long as he’s for us, then we’ll be for him. When he fights for us then we’ll fight for him. That’s how it goes in the Trump supporting community.

Celebs should stay out of politics ’cause they don’t realize that they are destroying their career the more they do. We just don’t want to hear their misinformed opinions. Tired of it.

Some might say I should do the same but I’m not a celebrity so I’m good. I can talk politics all I fucking want to.


Video: I guess this is good enough proof that libtards hate the bible and Christianity…

Mark Dice has got a lot of balls for this. This guy has been doing a lot social experimenting in San Diego, California to test how many gullible and naive people there are in this country. Turns out there are many of them which is no surprise. Most liberals are misinformed of what goes in America and this is proof of it.

Good work, Mark. I love how Mark messes around with the psychology of liberals… interesting. Liberals thinks he’s being serious on this petition which proves how naive they are. They don’t realize Mark is actually making fun of them. It’s a known fact that liberals are a bunch of Atheists, they hate religion for sure.


Obama administration censoring anti-Obama youtubers???

Hmmmmm, this is interesting to me so I decided to share it here. I never heard of anti-Obama youtuber, Mark Dice, until I read about this in info wars. Mark Dice’s youtube channel has been shut down by the Obama administration due to new policies in the TOS.



It’s looking like that Obama is doing all he can to get rid of all of anti-Obama videos in youtube. There are tons of anti-Obama youtube channels, I can find you plenty of ’em. If he’s trying to get rid of all anti-Obama content on the web good luck on that. It’s just bothering him that he doesn’t like how so many people hate him. Well, guess what, Barack? That’s called karma!

You wanna know why Obama spies on people through NSA, IRS, etc? It isn’t because he’s fighting terrorism. He just goes after Americans who doesn’t agree with how he’s running the country. That’s the way the USA works. If Obama wants to treat America so badly, then the American people will not respond so kindly either. That’s the way it goes.

If Obama somehow discovers my blog and wants to censor me, I’d say bring it the fuck on!!!! This is a violation of the 1st Amendment, indeed.

I’ll have to check out Mark Dice’s channel. Looks like good stuff!