The last person you want to believe is the Malaysian Prime Minister…

So the Malaysian Prime Minister is making claims that the Malaysian Plane has crashed into the ocean and there are no survivors. That’s the last person you want to trust. The Malaysian plane sounds like a big time cover-up. I think the Prime Minister is covering up for a certain somebody. This is sounding fishy and it’s like Benghazi all over again. A crime occurs and no answers that came out of it. I’m not gonna believe the Prime Minister until proof is given that the plane crashed into the ocean but for now, I believe that the plane have been hijacked and some country have hidden the plane, keeping the survivors captive. I think the victims of the plane are still alive somewhere.

A lot of people are already blaming this on Obama but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had something to do with it ’cause this does remind everyone of Benghazi.

Like I said before as long as this administration is still in office, they’re gonna keep doing horrible things like this. Commit dangerous crimes, “mysteriously” and no answers come out of them. This administration have been committing crimes “mysteriously” since 2008.


13 thoughts on “The last person you want to believe is the Malaysian Prime Minister…”

      1. Does the disappearance of this plane make the Obama administration guilty of Benghazi even more? I’d say yes. Absolutely!


      2. Another thing I forgot to bring up that the Malaysian Prime Minister and Obama are friendly with each other. They’ve had past meetings before, that’s why you can’t trust the Prime Minister.


      3. I’ve been doing that on this blog for years, anyway, here’s a list that I suspect who Obama killed over the years….

        – The 4 Benghazi victims: Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods
        – The Operation F&F victim: Brian Terry
        – Anwar Al-awlaki and his son (US citizens killed by a drone, Obama admin admitted to this)
        – Andrew Breitbart, reporter killed ’cause he was about to expose Obama on something, it was speculated that he got the heart attack gun
        – Loretta Fuddy, Obama’s health director who was killed last year mysterious plane crash
        – Deaths of Navy Seals: Chinook helicopter crash, and Bin Laden raid.
        – Vince Foster
        – A lot of innocent women and children by drones over seas
        – Obama staged the Sandy Hook school shooting
        – Michael Hastings, Rollingstone reporter who mysteriously died in car crash
        – Chris Kyle, Navy Seal sniper… Obama continues to stay silent about Kyle which is why he is suspected of killing him
        – Author Tom Clancy… cause of death was never discovered. It was brought up by Dr. Garrow that he may have been poisoned
        – Obama responsible for Boston Marathon Bombing

        For more, check out this link:

        I’ll post this in a new post a little later. Obama’s a piece of work, ain’t he? He’s a murdering piece of garbage, guys. Deal with it.


    1. It could have something to do with the Russia/Crimea crisis. Just Obama acting like a tough-guy, nothing more.


  1. Hi Mr Brock. I write from the UK; my brother in law works for GCHQ (similar to the NSA) and he says there is a LOT of evidence that links Obama to the missing flight. Unfortunately for the rest of us this evidence will never be released so all we have to go on is speculation and gossip. But please don’t let that stop you from putting out your message – you’re performing a valuable service! I think you should contact Alex Jones about maybe appearing on his show?

    1. I’d love to go on Alex Jones InfoWars to discuss Evil Obama. That would be a lot of fun but getting on his show would be tough to do I think. I don’t think he knows about my site yet but this would be a good opportunity for more exposure. We’ll see!


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