Interesting… Metallica once considered ousting Lars Ulrich from the band…

Metallica is Lars Ulrich’s baby. Always has been. He was the one who started the band himself. A lot of people think James Hetfield started the band but not true. James was only recruited by Lars himself. So Lars is pretty much the leader of the band. Remember in the movie, “School of Rock” where Dewey Finn was kicked out of his own band, No Vacancy? Well, Lars almost experienced the similar thing.

I can see why ’cause Lars Ulrich has always been kind of a huge pain in the ass, admittedly. Knowing how Lars was during the “Some Kind of Monster” movie during the “St. Anger” recording when James and Lars were feuding at the time.

While I love Metallica and always had, I’ll admit that Lars is kind of annoying. That guy just talks way too much which probably explains why he does the most interviews than the other guys. James doesn’t do interviews much. It’s always either Lars or Kirk doing most of the interviews. Rob does interviews sometimes but he doesn’t do interviews much either.


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