Now that Charlie Sheen officially admitted to HIV, gotta wonder how many women he spreaded the virus to?

I didn’t watch the Charlie Sheen interview on TV but I watched some of it online. As I watch Charlie speak, I’m noticing a lot of mumbling and stuttering. That’s probably because he’s real nervous. He does look real nervous and a little scared throughout the interview. Well, yeah, admitting to having HIV to the whole world would be a pretty hard thing to do. Whether you like Charlie or hate him, you can’t deny that what he did here was very ballsy. Now that’s what I call being heroic and being courageous. If you think coming out as homosexual or transgender is difficult, admitting to having HIV would be even more difficult I would think. I think there’s a pretty good reason that Charlie is doing this is ’cause maybe he wants to save other peoples lives, ya know? It’s just his way of keeping the AIDS awareness campaign going. I think that’s what he’s doing. I think he wants to help others with HIV/AIDS and he wants to help other sex addicts.

Ya gotta wonder how many women he spreaded the virus to ’cause I’m pretty sure a lot of ’em caught it. Charlie doesn’t even know how he contracted the HIV virus. It’s either he got it from a woman who had it (probably from one of his hookers) or got it from an intravenous drug. I think he probably got it from a woman who had it.

A lot of people are shamefully shitting on this guy but come on, he’s a human being like the rest of us. He makes mistakes like the rest of us. He’s no different than us so give him a break. I only wish Charlie well and am praying for him ’cause he’s a talented guy. I used to watch “Two and a Half Men” and used to watch all of his older movies especially films like “Platoon”, “Wall Street”, “Major League”, “Hot Shots”, “Men at Work”, etc.

The celebrity lifestyle isn’t glamorous and beautiful as everyone mistakenly think it is ’cause most celebrities are just normal human beings like the rest of us.


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