Maybe Paul Ryan could turn out to be a great House Speaker after all, he’s on a roll!!!!

Like most people in the conservative community, I was skeptical of Paul Ryan becoming the new House Speaker simply because he supported the TPP and Illegal Immigration. Maybe there is hope for Paul Ryan after all ’cause what he’s doing here is pretty awesome. Maybe he could be a better speaker than John Boehner after all? After the Paris attack, you can’t blame people for being scared of Syrian refugees being poured into the US which is happening now as I type this.

Sure enough, libtards wanna stick up for those Syrian Muslim refugees. What is the reasoning for Obama wanting to bring Syrian refugees in the US? I think it’s the beginning of the US turning into a Muslim state. He’s already at work on that right now. The US will soon turn into a Muslim caliphate ’cause of it. Sharia law will take over the US. That will mean the US Constitution will be dead and Obama will be King of America, he will continue to stay in power.


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