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Who cares about illegal immigrants, Syrians or other illegal foreign people… shouldn’t be our concern at all…

I don’t care about illegal aliens, Syrian refugees or other kinds of illegal foreign people. Why should we have to care about them so much? I don’t care about them at all. The only thing I care about is protecting our homeland which is the United States of America. What about focusing on our own American people? That’s what I wanna know.

The Obama admin. wants to bring in other people from other countries why? So they can live better lives in America yes ’cause they didn’t have much a life in their home country. Obama wants to give these people better homes, better jobs, free O’care, free this and free that. Give them the right to vote and all that crap. blah blah blah…

We really have no problem with “immigrants” at all… we just want them to come here “legally”. That’s pretty much what Donald Trump and all of his supporters like me want, ya know? It’s that easy to understand.

The reason we don’t want people coming here illegally is not only because some of them are dangerous and violent… we shouldn’t care about them ’cause it is not our concern. Why should we be helping other countries when we shouldn’t? The only thing we should be focused on is making America great and strong again. That’s pretty much it, really. Why should we help people we don’t even know? Who cares!

How is it “Anti-American” to not welcome these foreign illegals into our country when they weren’t even born here? Doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I could care less about illegal aliens or Syrian refugees or whatever you wanna call them.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna call me a “racist” for opposing these things but that’s a typical libtard response ’cause that’s all those losers do. Call everyone and everything “racist”. Liberals playing the race card on everything is getting old and it needs to stop.

The only reason Obama supports illegals coming in this country is ’cause he’s an illegal alien himself. We have an illegal president in the White House. Period.


Some liberals in facebook are surprisingly waking up about Obama and this Syrian refugees thing

A lot of people in my facebook friends list have liberal political beliefs. Even some of them are starting to wake up on Obama and disagreeing with his actions on Syrian refugees. Some liberals are actually waking up about this… slowly but getting there! I’ve seen a few posts on my facebook newsfeed calling out Obama on this Syrian Refugee (or better known as “Muslims”) thing. Some of them don’t like like the idea and don’t trust Syrians entering this country. If only the rest of the liberal community would wake up, then maybe we could get our country back?

It’s pretty insane to me how liberals will stick up for Syrians after the Paris attack. Really?

Reasons why you shouldn’t trust Syrians or Illegal Mexicans entering our country is that a lot of them could be very dangerous or violent. Do you want to receive threatening phone calls from an unknown person? Do you want random people from other countries asking to stay at your place? Do you want them disrupting peaceful neighborhoods and cities? Do you want them committing random acts of crime like murder, burglary, rape, etc?

It’s pretty insane to me that liberals are supporting Illegal Immigrants and Syrian Muslims when they don’t even know these people. How do they know if they are good people that need our help?

Once they come over here and they decide to burn your house to the ground and kill some of your loved ones… hey, you’re the one that supported the movement so it’s your fault.

Barack wants to bring in these people ’cause he knows they’re extremely dangerous. He’s intentionally bringing them in ’cause he’s doing whatever it takes to destroy America. It’s nice to see some liberals calling out Obama on this but it be great if more would.

You see, if you’re a liberal… you don’t have to side with Obama and the media on everything. How about some honesty for once?


Maybe Paul Ryan could turn out to be a great House Speaker after all, he’s on a roll!!!!

Like most people in the conservative community, I was skeptical of Paul Ryan becoming the new House Speaker simply because he supported the TPP and Illegal Immigration. Maybe there is hope for Paul Ryan after all ’cause what he’s doing here is pretty awesome. Maybe he could be a better speaker than John Boehner after all? After the Paris attack, you can’t blame people for being scared of Syrian refugees being poured into the US which is happening now as I type this.


Sure enough, libtards wanna stick up for those Syrian Muslim refugees. What is the reasoning for Obama wanting to bring Syrian refugees in the US? I think it’s the beginning of the US turning into a Muslim state. He’s already at work on that right now. The US will soon turn into a Muslim caliphate ’cause of it. Sharia law will take over the US. That will mean the US Constitution will be dead and Obama will be King of America, he will continue to stay in power.