Who cares about illegal immigrants, Syrians or other illegal foreign people… shouldn’t be our concern at all…

I don’t care about illegal aliens, Syrian refugees or other kinds of illegal foreign people. Why should we have to care about them so much? I don’t care about them at all. The only thing I care about is protecting our homeland which is the United States of America. What about focusing on our own American people? That’s what I wanna know.

The Obama admin. wants to bring in other people from other countries why? So they can live better lives in America yes ’cause they didn’t have much a life in their home country. Obama wants to give these people better homes, better jobs, free O’care, free this and free that. Give them the right to vote and all that crap. blah blah blah…

We really have no problem with “immigrants” at all… we just want them to come here “legally”. That’s pretty much what Donald Trump and all of his supporters like me want, ya know? It’s that easy to understand.

The reason we don’t want people coming here illegally is not only because some of them are dangerous and violent… we shouldn’t care about them ’cause it is not our concern. Why should we be helping other countries when we shouldn’t? The only thing we should be focused on is making America great and strong again. That’s pretty much it, really. Why should we help people we don’t even know? Who cares!

How is it “Anti-American” to not welcome these foreign illegals into our country when they weren’t even born here? Doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I could care less about illegal aliens or Syrian refugees or whatever you wanna call them.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna call me a “racist” for opposing these things but that’s a typical libtard response ’cause that’s all those losers do. Call everyone and everything “racist”. Liberals playing the race card on everything is getting old and it needs to stop.

The only reason Obama supports illegals coming in this country is ’cause he’s an illegal alien himself. We have an illegal president in the White House. Period.


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