Lars Ulrich says new Metallica album is pretty close to being completed…

Lars of Metallica gave us an update on the band’s new upcoming album. They have at least 20 songs for it so far and they are still honing them and tweaking them. In other words, putting on their finishing touches. Once they get that done, I’m sure they’ll pick the songs for the album which should be about 10 – 15 songs depending on how long they are. You know, Metallica always loved to write long songs. I’m sure it’ll be the same format for this album. Once they pick all the songs they’re happy with, I’m sure they’ll do all the mixing and mastering next.

Metallica doesn’t plan to shove this album in our faces like Beyonce or U2 did. Will their new song “Lords of Summer” make it on there? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see. One thing with Metallica, they put together songs for albums that whatever works for the album itself not because we all like it. Whatever works for the band. So don’t be surprised if they don’t include that song for the next album.

That’s how these guys make their albums. Just record a bunch of songs and release the best ones.–king-in-it-20150304

Look like they’re taking their next album a little more seriously this time and not rushing things ’cause I remember they totally rushed, “Death Magnetic”.

As for a producer, I hope they don’t bring back Rick Rubin or Bob Rock ’cause that would be bad. They need a good producer for once that would give them good sound quality for their music. While Metallica have been my favorite band for years, I’ll admit they could improve their sound quality for their albums ’cause that is one thing the band is pretty bad at. I kind of agree that on “Death Magnetic” you can’t hear Rob’s bass and the album is full of clipping all over. That’s their problem, they’re not the best at production.

I want a good Metallica album with great sound quality that could make everyone happy for once.

Will they go back to thrash metal for this next one? I’m sure some songs would be kind of thrashy yes but I’m sure they’ll create a new sound once again. I’m sure there’s gonna be some slow ballads as well. That’s one thing I love about the band, they change their sound for every album. You never know what they’ll do each album. They’re always unpredictable. Always doing something different.


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