Hillary subpoena’ed by Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi “Select Committee”… that was fast!!!

As soon as the report of Hillary Clinton using different e-mail accounts instead of the State Dept. e-mail got out there, Trey Gowdy was quick to respond to this that he’s gonna get after her e-mails. Turns out that he is serious and not messing around. He’s quick in getting her subpoena’ed for the Benghazi probe.

Yeah, Hillary probably got her computer destroyed long ago and some of you may think it maybe difficult for Trey Gowdy to get all the Benghazi e-mails. It’s always possible for government to get their hands on Hillary’s e-mails. It maybe difficult but there’s always a way.

Yeah, libtards are gonna whine and cry that Trey is keeping this investigation going and they’re gonna naivety believe the Intel Committee’s claims of no “wrongdoing” in Benghazi but that’s tough shit. I still say the Intel Committee’s claim of “no wrongdoing” is bullshit and it’s sad that liberals actually believe it since they tried to make the administration look good.

I think HIllary’s e-mails should be looked at. I wouldn’t be surprised you’ll see a private conversation between her and Barack about the Benghazi attacks. Possibly secretly planning the kidnapping of Ambassador Stephens that went wrong.

Liberals are now hating Trey Gowdy ’cause they don’t want to see Hillary go to prison. Hillary’s not a rock star or a queen. It really disgusts me that people treat her like that. Like she’s some kind of fucking hero. When was the last time she did something heroic? When was the last time she did something positive and great? Liberals can’t think of anything ’cause she hasn’t accomplished anything at all for America. They’re worshiping a woman over nothing, in my opinion. I can’t figure out why liberals find her so special.

She’s a criminal and murderer. Whether you like it or not, it’s gonna get proven soon.


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