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Report: James Hetfield writes open letter to fans on Metallica.com…

James Hetfield, Metallica’s main man, is back home in the states. He wrote an open letter to his fans on Metallica.com apologizing that Metallica had to cancel the show in Stockholm due to illness.

James, even makes fun of himself about it by jokingly saying, “even an oyster could have taken me” and “Swedish oyster cult” would be thrown off the tour…more cowbell…more barf bags! LOL!

See Hetfield’s message here:



Report: James Hetfield released from hospital, reported to have food poisoning…

Above is a recent picture of James Hetfield leaving a hospital in Sweden. James is seen waving to the camera, and wearing all black clothing. James and the rest of the band in Metallica, had takeout dinner from an Indian food restaurant in Stockholm. James must of ate something that wasn’t too good. Hetfield says he is fine, it wasn’t serious.

Blabbermouth reports:


That’s a sigh of relief, glad he is okay. I’m pretty sure they won’t be eating Indian food ever again now.


Report: James Hetfield hospitalized in Stockholm, Sweden…

Metallica.com just delivered us the shocking news, that Metallica frontman, James Hetfield has became really ill and been hospitalized in Stockholm, Sweden. The band was scheduled to perform a concert in Stockholm, they were forced to cancel since James was unable to perform.

More on it here:


Hope he didn’t get back into the drinking again. Hope James is okay and it’s nothing serious. Get well soon James.


Report: James Hetfield to Metallica haters, “Get the hell off of my property, you stupid kids!!!!!”….

With the look of James Hetfield’s face in the pic above, I’m sure that’s what he looked liked when he found out that his new home in California have been vandalized by locals.

James Hetfield the Metallica frontman bought new land in 1999 so he can build a huge home, studio, etc. in the Marin Hills of Marin County in Cali. The property used to be a popular biking and hiking trail where a lot of people like to go through. Hetfield boarded up the home with a huge electric barbed wire fence that almost looks like a prison fence. It was Hetfield’s way of keeping bikers and hikers off his property while the metal rocker is not there. James Hetfield angered locals who loved to use that trail but they can’t since Hetfield now owns the property.

The property had been vandalized with the words “SHAME DISGRACE” written on the fence. Hetfield has been nice to the local people before by donating 400 acres of the land to the locals to use some of the trails.

James Hetfield himself has not yet responded to this controversy.

More on it here:


Blech, the local people had nothing to complain about. They are just probably a bunch of Metallica haters trying to get the band out of their peaceful town. It’s Hetfield’s property, if he owns it, he has the right to do what he wants with it. Get over it people!