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4th Lisbeth Salander book on the way but will be written by a different writer…

Before Stieg Larrson’s death, the Swedish author originally had plans to write 10 Lisbeth Salander novels but he suddenly died while in the middle of writing the fourth one. Now a different Swedish writer has been signed to write the 4th installment. Yes, a 4th Millennium book is coming whether Stieg is around or not.

See the full story, here.

I’m a huge fan of the Lisbeth Salander stories and would like to see this continue but they shouldn’t be written by someone else. Only Stieg could write those stories well. I’m sure other authors can write those stories okay but it’ll definitely feel different with a different writer, ya know? It’s going to feel weird reading a Millennium novel with Stieg not being the author but since Stieg is dead… they should be well left alone. Think about it, right? They should respect his work and should be left as those three: “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, “Girl Who Played With Fire” and “Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest”. All three are amazing books. Respect Stieg’s work and legacy. These bastards are just exploiting him for money… hoping Hollywood will keep making more sequels. This is pathetic. The industry over in Sweden can be just as shady as the USA.

Not sure if I’ll read the next novel or not. Probably won’t.


Cool Video: Dolph Lundgren sings and dances to Elvis live on stage! Yes this is for real!

Dolph Lundgren, the action hero, recently hosted a Swedish yearly TV event called, “Melodifestivalen”. It’s a music competition similar to “America’s Got Talent/Idol” but different. Read more on, “Melodifestivalen”, here.

Many movie fans don’t know this, but other than being an expert martial artist and movie star, Dolph’s other passion is music. He was a musician before he became famous for movies. Dolph always loved to sing and play the drums. He’s got to show off his musical talent in his directed action movie, “Command Performance”, but never live on the performing stage. Dolph finally gets his opportunity to perform live.

Here he is, singing and dancing to Elvis’s “A Little Less Conversation”. He’s a badass in this video and does a good job. Just shows he would make a good host for the Oscars this coming year although I know he would never make it but it would be cool if he did host the, Oscars. Enjoy this video and have a laugh! Dolph sings good, I’m surprised!


Report: James Hetfield writes open letter to fans on Metallica.com…

James Hetfield, Metallica’s main man, is back home in the states. He wrote an open letter to his fans on Metallica.com apologizing that Metallica had to cancel the show in Stockholm due to illness.

James, even makes fun of himself about it by jokingly saying, “even an oyster could have taken me” and “Swedish oyster cult” would be thrown off the tour…more cowbell…more barf bags! LOL!

See Hetfield’s message here: