Your first look at James Hetfield and Zac Efron on set of the new Ted Bundy movie! This is cool!

First photo from the new Ted Bundy movie with James Hetfield and Zac Efron on set. Looks like the interrogation room scene at the police station.

Below is a pic of the real Bob Hayward. If you compare Hetfield’s and the real Hayward together, you can see that the look is pretty much dead-on. Now I can see why Berlinger wanted Hetfield for the role simply because Hetfield and Hayward look very similar.


What do you think? Do you think James Hetfield has the good acting chops? I think he will do a great job! Hopefully Berlinger will give us a video clip of James playing in the movie soon, I think he will.

What made James want to get into acting? Well, I’m sure Lars may have talked him into it somehow ’cause Lars Ulrich is a big movie buff. I’m sure James will do an interview with the press and I’m sure he’ll explain why he got into acting.

Will James get into acting full time or part time? I think it would be part time ’cause of Metallica commitments. We’ll wait to hear from the man himself.





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