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I’m impressed with Hetfield’s cover of Beatles, “In My Life”… screw the haters…

I think James Hetfield did an incredible job performing acoustic by himself which you don’t see that much. As usual whenever it comes to James Hetfield and Metallica, there’s always mixed opinions. People will start being opinionated jackasses and all that shit. What’s new when it comes to Metallica? This isn’t Metallica. This is James Hetfield solo!!!

I think he did a great job.

It showed that he has talent and he can really sing. No lip syncing there at all. He’s got the good head voice and sings the high notes well. He also sung with heart and passion. It also shows that he is more than just metal and heavy music. This is a softer side of him.

I think James should consider doing a solo career. He should do a solo album. I don’t see him doing that anytime soon since he’s heavily focused on Metallica but who knows. Maybe James will consider a solo career whenever Metallica is done?

Haters are gonna hate. I never listen to ’em.