Guitarist Rusty Cooley says he turned down Megadeth ’cause he didn’t want to play other people’s solos!!

During a podcast interview, virtuoso guitarist, Rusty Cooley says he was approached by Megadeth to join the band to take over Chris Broderick’s place as lead guitarist. Rusty explains he got the call from Dave Mustaine’s management team and then he and Dave chatted through e-mail about joining the band. Rusty thought about it and debated about joining the band but then he started to have second thoughts. Rusty changed his mind and admits that Megadeth isn’t for him. The reason? He just didn’t want to spend like 10 to 20 years playing other people’s guitar solos. If Rusty decided to join the band, he would have to spend hours & hours trying to learn the solos note for note from earlier Megadeth songs and he didn’t want to go through all that. Plus, Rusty wanted to keep his own style and do his own thing.

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This is a musician with class and we need more musicians like him. Musicians who are down to earth and has no ego.

Megadeth predictably changes their lineup again for the 20th time, I lost count. Megadeth is a great band and always will be. I respect Dave as a guitar player, singer and songwriter but the constant lineup changes are annoying, though. I’m sure Dave isn’t upset for Rusty turning him down ’cause I’m pretty sure many musicians turned down Megadeth so I would think Dave is pretty used to it.

While Megadeth is a great band, I love their earlier work more, though. Albums like “Killing Is My Business”, “Peace Sells” and “Rust In Peace” are all masterpieces. Love those albums.

I never cared for their latest record, “Super Collider”. I thought it was a pretty bad album. Sometimes that happens with Megadeth. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not. I don’t understand why Metallica is a huge target of making bad albums when Megadeth had their share of making some bad records too but fans don’t give ’em any flak for it.


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