More on Megadeth…

Well I just finished listening to the rest of Megadeth’s discography of albums. My opinion still stands on those two albums “Risk” and “Super Collider”… they weren’t very good albums. I think the reason “Risk” wasn’t very good is ’cause Dave decided to do some experimenting to techno & electronic music along with metal which doesn’t work so I’m actually with most Megadeth fans that “Risk” wasn’t a good album… plus the songwriting was pretty weak. The album was too “pop” and it didn’t sound metal enough. As for why “Super Collider” their latest record wasn’t good is ’cause it sounded more like a hard rock album then metal and Dave’s singing on it was pretty weak. Don’t get me wrong, though, Chris Broderick was an insane and talented as hell guitarist for sure… I just wished the songwriting could have been better.

Hopefully Dave Mustaine won’t let us down again for the next Megadeth album with their new guitarist, Kiko Loureiro. Hopefully they go back to the thrashy and heavy Megadeth we all want. See? Megadeth goes different directions too much like Metallica. From what I heard of the previews that Dave have been showing us during the behind the scene stuff of their next album, their next album sounds like it might be thrashy and heavy.

I love Megadeth… been a longtime fan. I never got to see Megadeth live in concert yet but would love to someday, though. They are one phenomenal band.


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