More on Ronda Rousey playing a leading superhero…

Whenever you want to talk about Ronda Rousey in the movies, chances are… there’s gonna be all kinds of haters who are gonna slam her acting skills. Which to me is a load of shit. Ask yourself this, when was the last time you saw good acting in a Superhero film? Most actors & actresses who played superheroes over the years whether in Marvel or DC movies never had the greatest acting talent. Name one actor or actress who played a superhero who showed good acting?

I can only think of a few actors who showed some acting talent as a superhero: Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine, Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, Christian Bale as Batman, Michael Keaton as Batman, Christopher Reeve as Superman and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

That’s probably about all. Most actors & actresses playing superheroes were mediocre at best.

In defense of actors & actresses playing superheroes, you don’t have to worry about acting skills too much ’cause all superhero movies are is mostly action movies and popcorn films. Ronda doesn’t necessarily need to be a good actress to play a superhero ’cause most actors & actresses didn’t have the best acting skills anyways so I think Ronda would do fine playing in a big role as a female superhero.

When playing a superhero the actor doesn’t really need to be perfect. It’s not gonna be an Oscar worthy performance anyways so I can’t understand why people would criticize Ronda’s dream of playing a superhero? When film makers do the casting for their superhero films most of them aren’t too worried about “acting” talent that much. Most of them are more worried about the look. If they look good for the character, that’s when they get hired for the role.

I’m noticing more and more people are criticizing Ronda for both her fighting and her acting in movies. Haters are gonna hate, I guess. The more they hate and criticize, I’ll have no problem defending her ’cause I respect the hell out of this woman. I think people just criticize her ’cause she’s a woman. Period. End of story.


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