Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is now battling throat cancer, hope he gets speedy recovery…


Dave Mustaine announced on his instagram page that he is now battling throat cancer. This really sucks ’cause Dave is one of my favorite musicians, guitarist and singer of all time. I freakin’ love Megadeth and they’re one of my favorite bands.

Some of you may ask is throat cancer curable? Is throat cancer a death sentence? No… throat cancer is not a death sentence and it can be curable. Doing a little reading on throat cancer; however, it can be curable only if the malignant cells doesn’t spread beyond the neck and the head of the body. If the bad cells spreads at other parts of the body then your life could be over pretty soon.

I’m sure Dave’s throat cancer will have a negative affect on Dave’s singing so I’m sure he won’t be able to sing for a little while which is why they had to cancel most Megadeth shows.

Anyway, the band are at work in the studio for their 16th album and from what I’m seeing, I don’t think Dave recorded vocals for the new album yet but I’m sure he will record the vocals if his doctors give him the permission. I’m sure they’ll finish the new album this year.

Like everyone else, I’m hoping Dave fights this cancer hard and gets a speedy recovery. This should be easily cured, hopefully.

I am looking forward to the new album. I love Megadeth… have loved them for a very long time and I’m trying to collect all of their albums too.

Best wishes go out to Dave. He’s got this!


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