Is Dave Mustaine really a dick? I don’t think he is…

A lot of people like to label Dave Mustaine as a dick, a douche or an egomaniac but is he really any of those things? The way I see him, no. To me, he always seemed like a cool, humble and down to earth guy. When you want to become a musician, of course you’re gonna get haters. That’s just the way it is.

Dave himself explains his theory on why people hate him but the truth haters are gonna hate. Period.

I don’t think Dave is a dick at all. If you want proof of that look at his new album with Megadeth, “Dystopia”… that was a crowd funded album and as one of the prizes for donating the album, he invited fans in the studio to witness the recording of the album which was cool of him really. Plus, Dave is great with his fans. Dave replies to his fans on twitter and he’s willing to take photos/sign autographs with them. He buried the hatchet with Metallica so that makes him a good guy enough and people still want to hate Dave.

I understand where Dave is coming from ’cause I get a lot of haters myself. It used to bother me why people get so obsessed of treating me in a negative direction but it don’t bother me anymore. I got so used to it that I don’t care what people think of me anymore. Yeah, there are a lot of haters and bullies who do nothing but follow everything I do on the internet and attack me all day but fuck ’em, ya know? There are just losers with no lives anyways. They just sit there and watch me 24/7 on my blog and social networking. They enjoy messing with me ’cause they have nothing better to do and that includes a few blog commenters which shall be nameless at this time.

Why do musicians get so many haters? I think it’s jealousy for the most part, absolutely ’cause if you are a musician there are gonna be too many people who want to be like you. They realize that you have what they don’t have and it’s pissing them off, really. You’ve got a lot of talent and unfortunately, it’s going to anger some for sure. Instead of them being proud and happy for you, they have to be all negative. All bands and music artists are gonna get their share of haters & critics. It doesn’t matter how good of a person they are, they are gonna get haters & critics. Haters & critics has become quite a problem in music but you have to learn to stay above ’em. Learn to take all the hate as a “compliment” ’cause like they all say bad publicity is good publicity. Haters can help make you even more popular.

Megadeth’s new album “Dystopia” is really amazing though. Listened to it a couple of times and it’s their best since “Rust In Peace”.


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