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The difference between a Trump rally and a Cruz/Kasich rally…

Here’s what a Ted Cruz rally looks like…

Here’s what a John Kasich rally looks like…

Here’s what a Donald Trump rally looks like:

Can you understand why those two jackasses are upset at Trump now? Trump has his rallies at large arenas while Ted & John has their rallies in smaller places. Says a lot about them!


If the GOP is successful at stealing the nomination from Trump, I’m leaving the Republican party and switching to Independent…

So Ted Cruz and John Kasich has announced that they are teaming up together to help block the nomination on Trump at the Convention. I think I’ve said this before a few times as well that the only reason Ted and John wouldn’t drop out of the race even though they are doing badly in the primaries is ’cause they think they are going to steal the nomination from Trump. Period. If that happens and if they are successful then I’ll be leaving the Republican party and will switch my party affiliation to “independent”. If that happens and if Cruz or Kasich becomes the GOP nominee instead of Trump, I don’t think I’ll vote for the election at all ’cause I don’t want to vote for Hillary either. If Trump gets robbed of the nomination then I won’t vote at all.

Why are other GOP candidates desperate in stopping Trump? It’s because in their delusional mind they believe America doesn’t want Trump as president. It’s obvious they’re in a desperate attempt to get more votes from all of Trump’s haters. Ted and John are indeed jealous of Trump ’cause they can’t take the fact that Trump is doing better than them in the election.

I know how some voters believe that Trump is a bad idea for America but sorry to break it to you, haters is that’s not how we think at all. We all want Trump as president ’cause we know he’s the best bet. The haters are imploding ’cause they can’t stand the fact that we want him as president. It’s amazing how much hatred Trump supporters get but that’s okay, I’ll take the hatred as a compliment ’cause all that’s doing is making me show my support for Trump even more.

When will people understand that the more you go after Donald Trump, the more you’re helping him? It’s helping Trump become even stronger.

Cruz and Kasich’s move is also suicide for the GOP party. If they’re successful at stealing Trump’s nomination then even more people will be leaving the Republican party. It’ll be the death of the GOP.

I predicted a long time ago that the GOP are gonna try to block the nomination from Trump and I was right. It’s not gonna happen, though. Trump himself will find a way to stop ’em. Trust me.


Will I watch Barack’s “State of the Union” this Tuesday???

Yeah, I’ll probably watch it. Yeah I know, Barack’s “State of the Union” speech is gonna be all bullshit like all of Barack’s speeches usually are but I’m just curious on what he’s gonna say to an all Republican Congress. I’m also curious on how an all Republican Congress is gonna respond to him to his “State of the Union” speech. I wonder how much applause Barack will get. Will Barack get any hecklers?

I know Barack is gonna mostly talk about economic stuff like always. I also know Barack is gonna ignore topics like Benghazi, Obamacare, NSA, IRS and the rest of the scandals going on. Will Barack bring up the Charlie Hebdo Paris attacks? He might but don’t expect him to put “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence.

I hope Obama gets a few hecklers from Republicans and I hope some Republicans will walk out in the middle of his speech.

I’m just interested on what Barack is gonna say to an all Republican Congress. I predict he’s gonna give ’em a bunch of whiney bullshit.

I do know that Barack is gonna announce a “tax Increase” on rich people to help the middle class which isn’t gonna be good. It’s gonna hurt the economics even more. Don’t buy into the government’s lies that the economy is boosting ’cause it’s not true. Don’t buy into the fake economic stats that tell you the economy is in good shape ’cause it’s all a lie. The economy is still shit and you know it.

All we’re gonna hear in this “SOTU” speech is more Saul Alinsky and Marxism bullshit. When will America wake up and realize what kind of piece of garbage Obama really is? Obama doesn’t deserve to get treated positively. If you think there is no reason at all to hate and despise this man, I wanna know what planet you’re living on?

The guy’s a murderer, criminal, commie and fraud. It’s unbelievable how people still can’t see that yet. Once again, it didn’t take me long to figure him out. I never liked him since 2008. I always knew that he’s a piece of shit.