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Did Democrats turn their back on Obama finally??? Seems like it…

I’ll say it once again that it’s pretty amazing to see Democrats disagree with Obama for once and this is definitely a first. For the past several years of Obama’s presidency, all they did was stand by his side on everything and defended him every step of the way until now. Democrats still have a lot of waking up to do but this is a start!!! Man, the Democrats are going after Obama like mad over this trade thing.

In a way though, this was kind of their fault and they should have seen this coming. They allowed him to get elected twice to begin with.



47 Senators who helped Tom Cotton send letter to Iran…

Here’s the list of the 47 Senators that sent that letter to Iran about nuclear deal.

You even see the names of the most well known Republican Senators on there like: Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, and Marco Rubio.


How does it make them traitors for standing up for something they believe in? Like I keep saying libtards will side with Obama on everything no matter the situation. Liberals side with Iran and they don’t even know who they are siding with. They are misinformed and uneducated people.

That speech Bibi gave to Congress, his speech wasn’t just for Republicans/Conservatives, Bibi wanted to speak to all Americans. He loves us all regardless of the party whether you’re liberal or conservative, it didn’t matter. Bibi wants to protects us all even liberals, that’s what his speech was about. He’s concerned for all of us.

Yet liberals who side with Iran and disrespect Bibi Netanyahu, they are the ones who are the traitors. Think about that.

This is inspiring me to make a videoblog about this. I’ll get to work on that this week.


I hope the GOP Senate does the right thing and rejects Loretta Lynch as our Attorney General…

I think the days of Obama nominating corrupted Attorney Generals are just about over. I don’t think Loretta Lynch has a chance in getting the job as Attorney General taking over Eric Holder’s place. Loretta Lynch is just another Eric Holder, that’s all she is. I don’t think the GOP Congress is gonna confirm her ’cause if they did they’re gonna vote for Obama’s lawlessness and they’ll be in support of Obama’s imperial presidency even more. If they confirm Loretta Lynch, race baiting could potentially get a lot worse in America. Lets hope the GOP Congress does the right thing and reject her ass.

We really need an Attorney General who actually cares about the law and willing to enforce it. We really need an Attorney General who is willing to call Muslims evil and not play the race card when it comes to blacks.

I really think it’s wrong that a president should nominate an Attorney General. I think from now on Congress should nominate somebody. Obama just nominates people who is similar to him or willing to follow his ideas and plans.

Hopefully, the Senate does the right thing and rejects Loretta Lynch ’cause this woman looks very evil. She sounds worse than Eric Holder. Obama got Loretta Lynch ’cause she probably has the power to protect Obama and Holder over their crimes.

If the Senate confirms her as our new Attorney General, then we’re really fucked.


Kesha Rogers who is a democrat running for the Senate is calling for Obama impeachment!!!

Hmmmmmmm, look at what we have here. Kesha Rogers is a political activist from TX who is running for Senate as a democrat. While she appears to be a democrat/left-winger, she is still calling for an Obama impeachment.

If you look at her site here:


She is even comparing Obama to Hitler.

While she doesn’t mention Benghazi or Operation: F&F… she does bring up other Obama crimes like the drones on American citizens, the NDAA, and the NSA scandals.

My question is, how come other democrats/liberals are not waking up like this cool woman? If we had more left-wingers waking up like her, we can get rid of Obama successfully.

Anybody who woke up about Obama will get my respect no matter what party he/she belongs in. It’s also cool that she’s 37 years old just like me.

Since she has similar views about Obama like me, she has my support and I wish her good luck in her Senate run!


Obama is not the only problem with America, Congress is a huge problem too!!!

A new poll has been released and two-thirds of Americans finds that the 113th Congress is the worst in history. A lot of Americans are finding that both the House and the Senate has done nothing to fix America’s problems.

Read the full story, here.

I really don’t find this all that surprising either. Once again President Obama is not the only problem with our homeland. Our entire government overall are destroying our country and they have chosen to do nothing about it.

If we had better people in government doing their jobs then Barack Obama would have definitely been impeached and arrested a long time ago but nothing has been done about his shady presidency. People in Congress knows he is bad (mostly republicans, of course) but so far they haven’t done anything to impeach him and they know he has done all kinds of impeachable offenses.

I think the reason Congress does nothing about him ’cause that’s how President Obama wants it. It’s all power and control. Just Obama’s way of trying to get away with impeachment.

I do agree though that this is the worst Congress in history. Honestly, I think our whole government overall is responsible for things like Benghazi and Operation: F&F happening. If our government wasn’t such a mess then maybe those tragedies wouldn’t have happened, ya know? Our whole government are evil scum, not just Obama. They haven’t done anything about Obama ’cause they are helping to protect him too.

America certainly deserves better. Impeach and arrest all of those evil fuckers. Get ’em all the hell out. They all should rot in hell — not just Obama.


Senator Ted Cruz is making US history on the Senate floor!!!

This is pretty incredible stuff. Senator Ted Cruz started his speech on “Obamacare Defunding” on the Senate Floor yesterday and he made it pretty clear that he’s going to keep talking until he is no longer able to stand. He really meant it too. His speech went on through out the night and still going. No breaks at all. No sitting down. No bathroom breaks. No food or drink breaks. Just talking all night long. I see Ted still going on all day today and night. He could go on for a few days or more nonstop. As I explained before around the Rand Paul filibuster, it is allowed on the Senate floor. A Senator can talk for as long as he/she pleases. Rand Paul did his filibuster for 13 hours straight… Ted just broke his record. I didn’t listen to all of Ted’s speech since it would be way too long but I listened to a little bit yesterday and what he’s doing is pretty amazing stuff. I’m feeling that Ted is not going to stop until a decision is made that Obamacare has been defunded. Ted could go on until he falls to the floor. He could continue his speech for a full month or a full year if he wanted to.

I had a feeling that there is going to be a filibuster once the Obamacare case went to the Senate so this is no surprise. Ted is an awesome guy and he is my new hero in government. Get ’em Ted!