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Actually, this is what Obama is doing on St. Paddy’s while Bibi celebrates his re-election…

After Obama held a St. Paddy’s Reception at the White House which I’m sure is of course, a really long boring speech by Barack, he goes celebrating St. Paddy’s @ The Dubliner Irish Pub in D.C. as you can see here.

Here you can see him chatting with a few guys and as you can see, Barack is all smiles despite Bibi winning the re-election.

Apparently, Barack seems to be in a good mood after all.

Then you see Obama shaking hands with supporters as you can see here.

Deep down inside, I’m sure he’s still pissed off at Bibi winning the re-election, though. Now Barack knows how exactly we all felt when Barack won his re-election in 2012.


Chuck Norris releases video supporting Israel and Bibi Netanyahu…

First Jon Voight was one of the few celebrities who released a video supporting Israel and now here’s Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is one of the very few conservative actors in Hollywood. Not many conservative actors in Hollywood as you know most of Hollywood is pretty liberal sadly.

This is another reason to love Chuck! Chuck has always been publicly open about being a conservative.

Will Bibi get re-elected? I’m hoping and praying like everyone else. We all have a sick feeling that Obama is gonna do everything in his power to make sure that Bibi doesn’t get re-elected. Israel election day is tomorrow. How will Obama make Bibi lose? Well voter fraud for one. That’s how he got Mitt Romney to lose.

If Bibi loses, whoever takes his place will probably be more friendlier to Obama. Obama doesn’t like Bibi at all. I hope Bibi does win the re-election tomorrow and I’ll be on the lookout.


47 Senators who helped Tom Cotton send letter to Iran…

Here’s the list of the 47 Senators that sent that letter to Iran about nuclear deal.

You even see the names of the most well known Republican Senators on there like: Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, and Marco Rubio.


How does it make them traitors for standing up for something they believe in? Like I keep saying libtards will side with Obama on everything no matter the situation. Liberals side with Iran and they don’t even know who they are siding with. They are misinformed and uneducated people.

That speech Bibi gave to Congress, his speech wasn’t just for Republicans/Conservatives, Bibi wanted to speak to all Americans. He loves us all regardless of the party whether you’re liberal or conservative, it didn’t matter. Bibi wants to protects us all even liberals, that’s what his speech was about. He’s concerned for all of us.

Yet liberals who side with Iran and disrespect Bibi Netanyahu, they are the ones who are the traitors. Think about that.

This is inspiring me to make a videoblog about this. I’ll get to work on that this week.