Truthfully, I’ll vote for any GOP nominee just to help stop Hillary from getting elected…

It Donald Trump happens to lose the nominee to one of the other GOP candidates then I’ll support whoever wins the GOP nominee. It doesn’t matter if it’s Carson, Rubio, Fiorina or even Jeb. Truthfully, I’ll vote for any of them just to help stop Hillary from getting elected and yes, I’ll even vote for Jeb Bush if he wins the nominee. Even if I don’t like the GOP candidates, I’ll vote for them anyways. Anything to stop Hillary, ya know?

While I admire that Marco Rubio calls out Hillary, he’s not my best choice as President ’cause his illegal immigration system is weak and that guy is pro-amnesty but if he wins the nomination and not Trump, I’ll vote for Rubio sure.

Many conservatives believe that the GOP nominee is gonna go to Carson, Cruz or Rubio but I disagree. I believe Donald Trump is gonna be victorious all the way through.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens in January, though. This is pretty unpredictable election. If Hillary turns out to be victorious and she wins… becomes elected our next president, I’m gonna be really mad but I don’t think she’ll make it at all. She’ll soon be forced to drop out due to all the Benghazi and e-mail stuff. She won’t make it past the primaries at all. Bernie Sanders is probably gonna wind up being the Democratic nominee, I think.

We’ll see what happens. I would vote for anyone except for Killary. I’d even vote for Bernie Sanders if I had a good reason to. If I were to vote for Bernie Sanders, I would only do it if Jeb Bush was the GOP nominee. Hope that makes sense.



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