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Delusional Rick Perry thinks Donald Trump will destroy GOP party… my response…

Donald Trump is actually the true hardcore conservative than the others. Rick Perry, Rubio, Graham, J. Bush have been more liberal than ever lately. Donald Trump has been doing a good job exposing all the RINO’s. Trump didn’t damage the GOP ’cause the GOP was already destroyed after they agreed to Obamatrade (aka TPP). The GOP also allowed Loretta Lynch to become the new Attorney General. The GOP agreed to “Net Neutrality” and they don’t do anything to stop Obama’s imperial presidency. Instead of fighting back at Obama’s lawlessness, they help him become more powerful. Trump is exactly right the GOP is all talk but no action, that’s all he’s trying to do. The GOP has been corrupt and broken for a pretty long time now. The GOP stabbed the American people in the back. The GOP destroyed themselves by betraying the American people, don’t blame it on Trump.

The other GOP candidates are jealous ’cause their campaigns aren’t doing well at all so they’re desperately trying to steal Trump’s voters. If Trump is gonna destroy the GOP… that’s good ’cause the GOP have been worthless anyways. The GOP have been garbage for a long time now. The GOP has become the party that everybody hates now and that’s not what Reagan would have wanted. Reagan is rolling in his grave. Trump is the true conservative.



Gov. Rick Perry and Obama meeting photo…



Oh man, this pic is funny as hell that I had to share. Here is Obama’s meeting with Gov. Rick Perry in Texas as you can see here. While everybody looks to be smiling and enjoying themselves, the only one who doesn’t look too thrilled to be in the same room with Barack Obama is obviously Gov. Perry himself. Gov. Perry is the one with the glasses at the end of the table. Notice where Perry is sitting? I bet he refused to sit in front of Barack Obama so he decided to seat himself at the end of the table. You can immediately tell that Rick Perry doesn’t like Barack at all. I can’t blame Rick, though.

I’m pretty sure that Rick doesn’t want to be in Barack’s sight at all but he had no choice but to be a part of this meeting even if he didn’t want to.

Rick has never been a big fan of Barack. You can tell by the look of Rick’s face that he wants to get out of that room and fast.


Thought: I agree that the Mormon religion is a cult…

Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney is in a bit of controversy over his religious beliefs. Pastor Robert Jeffrees, accused Romney of being in a cult because he is a Mormon. He also said that Mormons aren’t Christians. Mormons are people who are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. Romney served as a missionary in his younger years.

More on the story, here.

I’m gonna have to agree that the Mormon religion is a cult. I know, because in the past, I used to go to them. Yep, I used to go to the Later Day Saints a long time ago. I’ll confess it. I decided to leave the religion ’cause I figured this wasn’t going to be my thing. I went to it ’cause I thought it would be a good way to better my life, but I figure I would be a better person my own ways without joining a religion.

How the Mormon religion do things is really disturbing. They have these rules you must follow: 1) You can’t have sex before marriage (most religions have this rule) 2) Can’t drink coffee or tea 3) Can’t drink alcohol 4) Can’t listen to heavy metal music or watch R rated movies 5) No swearing/profanity 6) you must dress appropriately, etc. I can go on with the list.

I also don’t like how they force you to go to these special Church meetings when you don’t really want to and Church people think they can show up at your house unannounced. Plus, I don’t really like Missionaries either, aka the Elders. Missionaries are people who wear black and white suit, most of them young men. They travel around the world, knocking on people’s doors trying to talk into people joining the Church. That’s what they do. I’m sure Missionaries stopped at your house before too.

Does all this make me an atheist? Yes, maybe. It’s a free country, people can do what they want to do. It just bothered me how religion controls your life. I’m just a happy person living the life I want to. I don’t need to be in a religion, no offense to those who are religious out there.