Delusional Rick Perry thinks Donald Trump will destroy GOP party… my response…

Donald Trump is actually the true hardcore conservative than the others. Rick Perry, Rubio, Graham, J. Bush have been more liberal than ever lately. Donald Trump has been doing a good job exposing all the RINO’s. Trump didn’t damage the GOP ’cause the GOP was already destroyed after they agreed to Obamatrade (aka TPP). The GOP also allowed Loretta Lynch to become the new Attorney General. The GOP agreed to “Net Neutrality” and they don’t do anything to stop Obama’s imperial presidency. Instead of fighting back at Obama’s lawlessness, they help him become more powerful. Trump is exactly right the GOP is all talk but no action, that’s all he’s trying to do. The GOP has been corrupt and broken for a pretty long time now. The GOP stabbed the American people in the back. The GOP destroyed themselves by betraying the American people, don’t blame it on Trump.

The other GOP candidates are jealous ’cause their campaigns aren’t doing well at all so they’re desperately trying to steal Trump’s voters. If Trump is gonna destroy the GOP… that’s good ’cause the GOP have been worthless anyways. The GOP have been garbage for a long time now. The GOP has become the party that everybody hates now and that’s not what Reagan would have wanted. Reagan is rolling in his grave. Trump is the true conservative.


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