Gov. Rick Perry and Obama meeting photo…



Oh man, this pic is funny as hell that I had to share. Here is Obama’s meeting with Gov. Rick Perry in Texas as you can see here. While everybody looks to be smiling and enjoying themselves, the only one who doesn’t look too thrilled to be in the same room with Barack Obama is obviously Gov. Perry himself. Gov. Perry is the one with the glasses at the end of the table. Notice where Perry is sitting? I bet he refused to sit in front of Barack Obama so he decided to seat himself at the end of the table. You can immediately tell that Rick Perry doesn’t like Barack at all. I can’t blame Rick, though.

I’m pretty sure that Rick doesn’t want to be in Barack’s sight at all but he had no choice but to be a part of this meeting even if he didn’t want to.

Rick has never been a big fan of Barack. You can tell by the look of Rick’s face that he wants to get out of that room and fast.


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