Don’t kid yourselves, Obama has a good case for impeachment…

I know nobody wants to listen to Sarah Palin since she tells the truth but she explains how impeachment works in her latest write-up.

She’s so right that “high crimes and misdemeanors” doesn’t necessarily mean that an impeachable offense have to be something criminal and serious. I know many will accuse her of being full of shit and will call her delusional and stuff but I agree with everything she wrote here.

Obama has a very good case to be impeached for. Everything Obama have done is worthy of being impeached especially the border crisis going on right now.

I’m leaving the comments closed in this one post ’cause I know all you ignorant jackasses are gonna do is attack Sarah Palin like spoiled little brats. Which makes you a bunch of hypocrites when you complain about my hate for Barack. Don’t like people hating on your precious Obama??? Well, you look like hypocrites hating on Sarah Palin. I really mean that too.