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Donald Trump is getting a lot of endorsements from famous people, how many are Marco and Ted are getting?

Those so-called “conservatives” are all over Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. They think either one of them would be the best guy for prez but look at Marco’s and Ted’s polls. Marco and Ted are doing horrible in the polls. Marco and Ted aren’t getting too many endorsements either. Marco and Ted do get endorsements but not too many. Donald Trump however is getting too many endorsements from other politicians, celebrities, actors, sports stars, etc. Both Marco and Ted are in a desperate attempt to destroy Trump… they continue at it on their twitter pages. It’s just pathetic. Marco and Ted are just desperate to get all the Trump haters to vote for them, that’s all they’re doing really.

That’s the thing with the other GOP candidates. They live in this delusional fantasy world that attacking Trump is what America wants to hear when it isn’t. What America wants to hear are stuff that are best for the country and that’s what Trump does. It’s why we all support Trump ’cause he focuses on the country. The other GOP candidates are doing bad in the polls ’cause all they do is attack Trump instead of concentrating on America. Don’t you get it? The other candidates think they’re gonna get more votes by attacking Trump but their polls keep getting lower the more they do. America doesn’t want to see candidates attacking each other. We want to see candidates saying stuff that is best for the country, that’s what we all want to hear.

America is so hung up on trying to bring down Donald Trump when they should be focusing on bringing down Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton instead. What kind of GOP establishment are we going to have when they go after Trump instead of Obama? That’s just more proof that the GOP are too friendly with Obama and always has been. When the GOP goes after a candidate in their own party… man that is messed up. I find it funny that all of these conservatives that go after Mr. Trump are still calling themselves conservatives.

Especially Ted Cruz whose new slogan is “Conservatives are uniting, This is our Time”. LOL! Really???


Ted Cruz just divided the conservative party, he’s not uniting us at all. It’s Trump supporters vs. Cruz supporters. Anybody that attacks Trump is not a real conservative, I’m sorry, y’all. I’ll always stand by it. If you attack Trump and call yourself a conservative, you’re a fraud. A closeted liberal is what you really are.

Conservatism wins when Trump wins the election in Nov.

Like I said before… when they go after Mr. Trump, he decides to retaliate, he gets them to drop out. That’s what happened to Jeb, Carly and Rand Paul. Give it time… Marco and Ted will drop out too ’cause they can’t handle the pressure from Trump.


Conservative party has become so divided lately, it’s Ted Cruz fans vs. Donald Trump fans… not what Reagan would have wanted…

Ronald Reagan started the “conservative party” movement so we can band together and get our country back which is what we exactly did in the 80’s. He started the “conservative” party and got it going ’cause we were in a Cold War with Russia back in the day. The “conservative party” movement was supposed to be a team which was what Reagan’s idea. The way the “conservative” party is going these days, Reagan is rolling in his grave, I’m sure. He wouldn’t have liked what Ted Cruz is doing to the conservative party if Ronald was still alive today. I’m sure he would have hated it.

This is not a good way to go. Ted Cruz teaches his followers to go on hating Donald Trump and his followers which is exactly what’s going on. It’s crazy, ya know? What’s going on here? I thought we were supposed to stick together and get our country back? Fight back at Barack Obama and his corrupted administration. Now conservatives are fighting back at Donald Trump instead.

If you call yourself a conservative and you’re mad at Donald Trump then you’re not a conservative. Ted Cruz backed a lot of Obama’s policies and ideas like I stated before. Ted Cruz fans are accusing Donald Trump of being a closet liberal when the reality is Ted is the one who is the closet liberal and I’ll always stand by it. Donald Trump is the true blue conservative 100%… look at Donald Trump’s official election website for proof on that.

Conservatives are supposed to be fighting back at liberals and “political correctness” and now those “conservatives” are fighting back at their own party. Not what Reagan would have wanted at all so Ted Cruz should feel ashamed of himself… that fucking asshole.

Ted Cruz fans has been going after other conservative celebrities such as Wayne Root and Ann Coulter because they support Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz fans are even starting to come after me. When I talk about politics, it’s usually liberals that come after me and now other conservatives are starting to come after me, mostly Ted Cruz fans.

I’m sure Trump himself doesn’t like how the “conservative” party is being divided like this and like he said he’ll be the great unifier. He’ll find a way to get us back together again like the way Reagan wanted it before.

I totally blame Ted for destroying the “conservative” movement, not Donald Trump. Everybody’s hating on Donald Trump ’cause they know he’s the real “conservative” and everyone is hating it.

I’ll admit that I’m still pretty conservative and still “far-right” but I’m proud of it though. I know about “conservatism” better than anybody as you can tell. If you support Donald Trump then you’re the real “conservative”. That’s true conservatism.



Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan!!!

Love him or hate him, this man was a great president. Possibly one of the best we had. He made a few mistakes with the Beirut bombings and the Iran/Contra affair but he makes mistakes like all presidents do.

I wonder what Ronald would think how Obama is running the nation if he was still alive today. If you knew Reagan’s conservative views, I think he would be disgusted for sure. Reagan was a great man, though. No doubt about that. He ended the Cold War and wanted the Berlin Wall to be taken down. He did so many great things. Most importantly he was a peacemaker. He did all he could for the US to make peace with other countries like Russia for starters. He did things that President Obama would never do. Reagan did all he could to make America safe.

I’ve read Ronald’s memoir, “An American Life”, and it was a great read. You should read it too. Happy Birthday, Ron!


Report: Ronald Reagan biopic is on it’s way to the big screen…

This was bound to happen and yes, it is happening. A Ronald Reagan biopic is on it’s way to the big screen. The film will focus on his life from his childhood to his Hollywood life to being president, all the way up to his death in 2004. The film will be adapted by two different novels, “The Crusader” and “God and Ronald Reagan”. The goal with the biopic is that they want to avoid the controversial mistakes from the 2003 mini series, “The Reagans”, which caused an uproar through the entertainment world. For now, no casting and no director has been confirmed yet, but we will hear about those soon. Read more from the Hollywood Reporter.

Who should play Ronald?

I just hope they won’t give the role to Leo Dicaprio, Matt Damon or Johnny Depp for the young Reagan.

An actor would have to match the young Reagan’s look, here is the young Reagan here:

I would pick either Ethan Hawke or Christian Bale to get the young Reagan.

For the old Reagan, I’d say give it to Fred Ward. Why Fred Ward? Because he looks almost identical to Reagan, on top of that, Fred already played Reagan in a movie once called, “Farewell”. Why not have Fred play him again? I’d say go for it!!!