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Why Trump haters tell his supporters to wake up… they still see the world how the media sees it…

Liberals and some so-called conservatives are trying to talk us out of supporting Donald Trump. They’re desperately trying to get us to change our mind about him by telling us to “Wake Up”. I mean, really? People telling us to wake up about Donald Trump is just further proof of how uneducated and braindead they really are. They accuse us of being out of touch with reality and accuse us of being uneducated. The reason they think like that is ’cause they still see the world how the media sees it. Why is it that they won’t believe that Muslims are violent and evil? Why won’t they believe that illegal immigrants are dangerous and violent people? It’s because the media tells them not to believe it. A lot of people still live in a left-wing world and we don’t think like that. A lot of people still believe that the media is “credible source”.

A lot of us believe that America is getting destroyed ’cause of Barack Obama which is why we support Donald Trump to begin with. A lot of people don’t believe America is getting destroyed ’cause the media tries to make it seem like that there is nothing wrong with America and America is fine under Obama. They believe Obama is doing good things to America because the media tells them.

A lot of us believe that Muslims are violent people but a handful of liberals and some so-called conservatives believes that Islam is peaceful and think Muslims should be respected. A lot of people see that Muslims don’t have anything to do with terrorism ’cause the media is pretty protective over Islam.

A lot of us believe that Illegal Immigrants are dangerous and violent criminals. We believe some of them are murderers, rapists, drug dealers, etc. Liberals don’t want to believe that ’cause the media are pretty protective over illegals. In the mind of a liberal, they see immigrants as innocent people who need our help but we don’t think like that.

Those are a few examples of how some see the world as how the mainstream media sees it.

The reality is it’s all the Trump haters that need to wake up. We’ve been trying to tell them to wake up since 2008 when Obama got elected but we failed obviously. So if they won’t listen to us, why should we listen to them? They gave us Obama, we give them Trump. So here’s our payback, bitches!

Well enough is enough. This is why we’re all supporting Trump ’cause we’re no longer the silent majority. We’re tired of being ignored by the mainstream media and the US government. Nobody will listen to us about our real feelings about America and that’s why we turn to Trump ’cause he’s the only one listening to us all.

If you want to keep believing in the media’s garbage, be my guest. Maybe if the media was honest about the world then we wouldn’t get Trump to run to begin with, think about it, y’all. Trump is running for prez ’cause of the dishonest media and all the political correctness that goes around these days.

I don’t trust the mainstream news and it’s a shame to see that some still do.


GOP candidates and radio talk show hosts trying to “redefine” conservatism but doing a horrible job at it…

There are too many losers on the right claiming to be “conservatives”. That’s what those jackass GOP candidates are trying to prove. I think Jeb, Ted, John Kasich and Marco Rubio are trying their best to redefine “conservatism” just so they can try to make Mr. Trump look like a closeted “liberal”. Seems like a lot of people wants to believe that Mr. Trump is a fake conservative but I don’t think he is at all. All of these famous radio hosts like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are also calling themselves “conservatives”… but they support Ted Cruz. I can tell you for sure that all those GOP candidates I listed (Jeb, Ted, Kasich and Rubio) are not real conservatives ’cause if you do your research… a lot of those guys still have some liberal views which is a term called RINO. Most GOP candidates are RINOS except for Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump who are the true conservatives.

Allow me to define on what “conservatism” is. “Conservatism” is someone who truly believes in America 100%. They believe in the Constitution 100%. That’s who Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump are, they are the true constitutionalists and true patriots. Both of those guys show their love for America while guys like Jeb, Ted, Kasich and Rubio have some left wing views still… they also have some views that are against the US Constitution. I know Mr. Trump is a true conservative ’cause all of his views are that he believes in America 100%. A real conservative is anybody who doesn’t agree with anything “liberal”. Those are the people who stay away from liberal views. That’s Mr. Trump.

All Mr. Trump is doing is exposing all those fake conservatives and I fucking love it! He’s even exposing all the Bush’s who claims to be Republican/Conservative and that includes George W.

Yeah, I know Mr. Trump attacking the Bush’s may seem kind of “left-wing” a little bit but come on, y’all. 9/11/01 happened under George W’s watch so we should go after him no matter what side we are on. I’m not on one side at all as some would mistakenly believe. I too think George W. should be held accountable.

Mr. Trump is the real and true blue “conservative”. I know he is. That’s why many other so-called “conservatives” are going after him ’cause they know he’s too “conservative”. Think about it, right? I’ve always believed that if you call yourself a conservative and hating on Donald Trump then you’re not a real conservative. You’re a closeted liberal and have been all along. There are way too many fake “conservatives” out there and all Mr. Trump is doing is exposing them all. You’re a real “conservative” when you support Mr. Trump.

That’s also why so many bash us for supporting Mr. Trump ’cause they know we’re too “conservative” and it’s pissing them all off.


As a Christmas gift, Obama drops redacted Benghazi documents, you’re welcome…

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the Obama admin. decided to give the American people a Christmas gift by giving us all a 16 page heavily redacted Benghazi documents. All heavily redacted, of course so you’re not gonna see much on them at all.

Ya know, it has always been well known that when people are accused of a crime and they refuse to talk, it automatically makes them guilty. So if the Obama admin. has something to hide, they are definitely guilty all the way.


What is it that the Obama admin. don’t want us to see? They don’t want us seeing Barack Obama sympathizing with Muslims? That’s probably part of it. They don’t want us seeing Obama giving orders of the attack? Maybe that’s a part of it too. They don’t want us seeing what Obama was doing during the attack? That’s probably it too.

They just edit everything that could potentially damage Barack Obama’s reputation. What do they have to hide? They’re cowards. They won’t take responsibility for anything.

If they won’t talk then lets hope Trey Gowdy will get everything.