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Can we finally please stop talking about Russia? Trump finally vindicated! He never colluded with Russia…

Yes, the Russians were meddling in the 2016 elections but it’s not what you think. Liberals had this crazy conspiracy theory that Trump was colluding with Russia so he can win the election and make Hillary lose.

Then here comes Robert Mueller investigating this so-called Trump/Russian collusion. He has been investigation this Russian collusion thing for a long while. For a while, it may have looked like he has been trying to take down Trump. It really has been looking like that but turns out, instead Mueller was actually after the Russians and not Trump. Mueller who is the US Special Counsel started the Russian investigation.

As of today, Rod Rosenstein announced that 13 Russians have been indicted and a few other Russian companies as well for interfering in the 2016 elections. They were interfering long before then. Rosenstein made it clear in the indictment that there were no allegations that Americans participated in the meddling with Russia which means Trump and his 2016 campaign didn’t do anything. He also said that the Russians meddling in the elections did not impact the outcome of the elections.

While Trump wasn’t colluding with Russians trying to get him to win, it turns out that the Russians were actually helping him during the elections. Russians were actually helping Trump during the 2016 elections, but once Trump won… they quickly switched to anti-Trump… hope I’m getting this right. They were also anti-Hillary and pro-Bernie. Well to me, it’s no surprise since commie Russia are big Bernie fans since Bernie is a die-hard commie himself.

So there you have it, anti-Trumpers. GAME OVER! YOU LOST! No collusion like we’ve all been saying for a long time!


Can we finally shut up about Russia for once and move on? This Trump Russia thing was getting tiresome. Trump is finally vindicated. This was pretty awesome what Robert Mueller did. It’s like playing 4D chess. Hopefully he’ll be after Hillary next and I think that’s his next target. Looks like he is after Hillary and not Trump. My bets are on it.

This is what draining the Swamp looks like.


Donald Trump is my choice for 2016 and I’m sticking with it!

I know I’ve been doing a lot of flip flopping on GOP candidates for the upcoming 2016 elections but I think I’m definitely gonna stick with the Donald. Out of all the candidates in the GOP field, the Donald is the best one, in my opinion. Most of the GOP candidates are nothing but a bunch of RINOS. Donald Trump isn’t, though. He’s the true conservative. The Donald is the real deal. He’s a very honest man and doesn’t really lie about anything. I’ll be listening to his speech online today ’cause they’re gonna stream it live. When the Donald does speeches, notice how he doesn’t use a teleprompter unlike most politicians? The Donald doesn’t need a teleprompter. He knows exactly what he wants to say at the top of his head and that’s one of the reasons I respect him.

He’s definitely the guy that I predict that can go through the primaries and win the nomination for sure. I think he has what it takes to beat the Democrats.

Yeah, the Donald is gonna continue to get a lot of critics and haters… he’s gonna get accused of a lot of things like he’s just some old rich guy wanting more attention but he isn’t. He’s really serious on everything and he means well. He really does have heart for America and he cares for people.

Yep, I endorse Donald Trump for president and I’ll be making a video about it soon.


To hell with it, I don’t like any of the GOP candidates so far… Donald Trump is the man we need for the White House…

Well, the GOP clown car for the upcoming president election is getting bigger and bigger.

So far we have: Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, George Pataki, and Rick Perry (which was just announced today).

Honestly, I’m done supporting Rand Paul for good this time. Can’t really trust that guy at all. He’s just another RINO like the rest of ’em.

There’s still more GOP coming like Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal and Donald Trump are set to make their announcements soon.

Chris Christie and Scott Walker haven’t set their announcements yet but they are probably gonna soon.

So far, I don’t like any of these guys except for one and that man is Donald Trump. He’s the guy who I would want to be on the ticket. If there’s any of these guys would get the nomination, it’s the Donald. I’ve always liked the Donald for a pretty long time and still like him. He’s not really an egomaniac and a bad guy like many try to make him out to be. He maybe honest and brutal but that’s why I like him. He’s one of the very few who gets aggressive on Obama and that’s another reason I like him. He does have heart for the people and I think he’s a nice guy, really. Agree with it or not, Donald Trump is very popular. He’s very popular in the conservative community too. I think the Donald has what it takes to make America great again. I’ve always had my eye on Trump for the White House. I like Trump ’cause he’s one of the very few who speaks without a teleprompter… he speaks his mind and knows exactly what he wants to say. I think he has what it takes to make this country great again. Best of all, the Donald isn’t a career politician at all… he’s a professional business man. Think how the economy would get better with him in the White House. I’ve been a Trump fan and supporter for many years. Still am.

I think I’m gonna stick with Donald Trump as my choice for president.


Rand Paul killed it with his speech once again in Kentucky rally… #IStandWithRand

I just heard Rand Paul’s president announcement speech in Kentucky on the live stream in youtube and he killed it once again. He gives the best speeches, in my opinion.

Not only that he is planning to end all government spying, he also plans on lowering taxes, the budget and all that stuff. He also wasn’t afraid to call Muslim terrorism “Radical Islam” which was awesome.

It was a killer speech like always and he’s got my vote when he’s gonna get the nomination.

I think he’s the only guy who has what it takes to defeat the Democrats. I know liberals want their Hillary as president but I predict it’s not gonna happen ’cause Dr. Rand Paul is gonna destroy Hillary during the debates. As much as I hate Hillary and think she shouldn’t be running, I honestly hope she makes the nomination ’cause Rand Paul debating with Hillary Clinton would be entertaining as hell. I don’t think Hillary would be able to handle Rand Paul.  If Hillary ever debated with Rand Paul during the elections, he’s gonna destroy her hard.

I can see him saying stuff to her like, “Hillary, you should be in jail right now, not here debating with me.” That would drive the liberals crazy and would earn Dr. Paul more votes.

Anyways, I saw this young blind girl singing the National Anthem and it was amazing. This performance is gonna go viral, I think. As you all know, Dr. Rand Paul is an eye doctor and he supports all people with eye troubles.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Rand Paul is gonna be the next president of the United States. Liberalism is done, we’ve had it.


Why is Congress allowing foreign people to run for president now? Hmmmm…

If you think about it, Ted Cruz really isn’t eligible. Read this little article:


When Ted first announced that he is running for president, I called on it right away in a facebook forum that he’s not eligible since he’s Canadian born but then his supporters defended him making claims that he is eligible ’cause his parents were American born. I hear people, though, the Natural Born Clause in the Constitution is pretty questionable and debatable.

In my opinion, I think Congress knows that foreign people aren’t allowed to run for president ’cause of the Constitution, it’s just that Congress is dumb and not following it. If they are allowing Ted Cruz to run anyway, don’t you think they may have done the same to Obama even if they know Obama was born from Kenya? They either already knew that Obama is not a Natural US citizen and protecting him or they’re just lazy and not doing anything about it.

For some reason, Congress is allowing foreign people to run and you can start with John McCain who was born in Panama and not the United States. All three McCain, Obama, and Cruz are not eligible at all and Congress didn’t do anything to stop ’em.

Yes, Obama showed his birth certificate but that still doesn’t prove he was born in Hawaii. We still need to verify if that birth certificate is authentic and real which we haven’t yet… and yes, Obama’s birth certificate investigation is still ongoing to this day. Sheriff Joe Arpaio have been investigating it for a long time now and still is. It is possible to pay people a lot of money to keep your personal info hidden and keep people quiet. It all started with Obama’s mom, Ann Dunham, she’s the one who helped hide his info.

Don’t be surprised that Arnold Schwarzenegger could announce his 2016 president bid. He can if he wants to since Congress haven’t been faithful to the Constitution about the Natural Born Clause. If Congress keeps this up, more foreign people and more illegal aliens are gonna run for president.

I’m still standing by it that I think Obama’s birth certificate is forgery and the death of Obama’s health official, Loretta Fuddy, should definitely raise more questions about Obama’s b.c. Anybody that still believes OBama’s birth certificate is real is naive.

I’m not really a big fan of Ted Cruz anyways. When his announcement was made yesterday, social networking just won’t stop talking about him. Liberals talking shit about him and Conservatives treating him like a hero. I’m not a big fan of his stance on Immigration.

I still want Rand Paul as president please and I expect Sen. Paul to make an announcement very soon. I think he’ll be the next one to make an announcement.


Now you can watch liberals become “birthers” over Ted Cruz eligibility for president…

Now that Sen. Ted Cruz is gonna be making his 2016 President run official tomorrow, you can expect libtards to become “birthers” over his presidential eligibility like they already have. They’re never gonna give it up just like “right-wingers” are never gonna give up with their “birther” stuff over Barack Obama.

I’ll admit it that when Ted Cruz announced his presidency run for 2016, it got me scratching my head a little bit myself since he was Canadian born but after thinking about it a while… Ted Cruz is a “natural” US citizen ’cause his mother was born in the United States. It’s just as simple as that.


Read more here:


However, the only difference is that Ted Cruz is not a fraud while Barack Obama is. At least Ted Cruz never hid his info and never re-wrote his past like Barack Obama did.

I’m still standing by it that Barack is an illegal alien and the government allowed him to be elected president anyways…


Yeah, Barack never released his birth certificate up until Donald Trump asked for it and Barack actually responded to him but then we have to find out if Barack’s birth certificates both the long form/short form are real and authentic. Just because Barack’s officials and doctors confirmed it’s real doesn’t mean it’s real. It is possible to pay people a lot of money to keep people quiet.

While I do think Ted Cruz is eligible and think he’s able to run for president, I don’t think he’ll be a good president. Other right-wingers are hailing him as a GOP hero but I don’t think so. He’s not all that tough enough on Obama as “right-wingers” think. I don’t like Ted anymore ’cause he won’t call out Obama’s responsibility for Benghazi, Operation F&F and things like that. He won’t accuse Obama on those things and that’s what is made me get turned off on Ted.

I still want Rand Paul or Ben Carson for President. They are still my picks but if Ted Cruz makes the nomination and if he’s the only GOP running against a Democrat, I’d vote for Ted just so we won’t have another Democrat president which is what we don’t need.


I agree with Rudy Giuliani that Romney needs to focus on Benghazi if he wants to be President…

I will never forget that Obama v. Romney debate on Benghazi during the 2012 elections. Guiliani is right that Romney should have kept hammering the Obama administration on Benghazi in order to get elected. During that Obama vs. Romney debate, Romney was on the right track to call out Obama’s bullshit that it took 14 days for Obama to call Benghazi terrorism but that fat bitch, Candy Crowley, of course protected Obama and cut off the Benghazi debate. YouTube that debate if you want a reminder.


Anyway, if we don’t get the truth of Benghazi before the 2016 elections, I definitely think Benghazi will be the main focus by the Republican candidates.

Would I vote for Mitt again? Not sure. I’ll wait to see how he does. I’m probably gonna go for Rand Paul or Ben Carson.