Why is Congress allowing foreign people to run for president now? Hmmmm…

If you think about it, Ted Cruz really isn’t eligible. Read this little article:


When Ted first announced that he is running for president, I called on it right away in a facebook forum that he’s not eligible since he’s Canadian born but then his supporters defended him making claims that he is eligible ’cause his parents were American born. I hear people, though, the Natural Born Clause in the Constitution is pretty questionable and debatable.

In my opinion, I think Congress knows that foreign people aren’t allowed to run for president ’cause of the Constitution, it’s just that Congress is dumb and not following it. If they are allowing Ted Cruz to run anyway, don’t you think they may have done the same to Obama even if they know Obama was born from Kenya? They either already knew that Obama is not a Natural US citizen and protecting him or they’re just lazy and not doing anything about it.

For some reason, Congress is allowing foreign people to run and you can start with John McCain who was born in Panama and not the United States. All three McCain, Obama, and Cruz are not eligible at all and Congress didn’t do anything to stop ’em.

Yes, Obama showed his birth certificate but that still doesn’t prove he was born in Hawaii. We still need to verify if that birth certificate is authentic and real which we haven’t yet… and yes, Obama’s birth certificate investigation is still ongoing to this day. Sheriff Joe Arpaio have been investigating it for a long time now and still is. It is possible to pay people a lot of money to keep your personal info hidden and keep people quiet. It all started with Obama’s mom, Ann Dunham, she’s the one who helped hide his info.

Don’t be surprised that Arnold Schwarzenegger could announce his 2016 president bid. He can if he wants to since Congress haven’t been faithful to the Constitution about the Natural Born Clause. If Congress keeps this up, more foreign people and more illegal aliens are gonna run for president.

I’m still standing by it that I think Obama’s birth certificate is forgery and the death of Obama’s health official, Loretta Fuddy, should definitely raise more questions about Obama’s b.c. Anybody that still believes OBama’s birth certificate is real is naive.

I’m not really a big fan of Ted Cruz anyways. When his announcement was made yesterday, social networking just won’t stop talking about him. Liberals talking shit about him and Conservatives treating him like a hero. I’m not a big fan of his stance on Immigration.

I still want Rand Paul as president please and I expect Sen. Paul to make an announcement very soon. I think he’ll be the next one to make an announcement.


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