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Rand Paul killed it with his speech once again in Kentucky rally… #IStandWithRand

I just heard Rand Paul’s president announcement speech in Kentucky on the live stream in youtube and he killed it once again. He gives the best speeches, in my opinion.

Not only that he is planning to end all government spying, he also plans on lowering taxes, the budget and all that stuff. He also wasn’t afraid to call Muslim terrorism “Radical Islam” which was awesome.

It was a killer speech like always and he’s got my vote when he’s gonna get the nomination.

I think he’s the only guy who has what it takes to defeat the Democrats. I know liberals want their Hillary as president but I predict it’s not gonna happen ’cause Dr. Rand Paul is gonna destroy Hillary during the debates. As much as I hate Hillary and think she shouldn’t be running, I honestly hope she makes the nomination ’cause Rand Paul debating with Hillary Clinton would be entertaining as hell. I don’t think Hillary would be able to handle Rand Paul.  If Hillary ever debated with Rand Paul during the elections, he’s gonna destroy her hard.

I can see him saying stuff to her like, “Hillary, you should be in jail right now, not here debating with me.” That would drive the liberals crazy and would earn Dr. Paul more votes.

Anyways, I saw this young blind girl singing the National Anthem and it was amazing. This performance is gonna go viral, I think. As you all know, Dr. Rand Paul is an eye doctor and he supports all people with eye troubles.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Rand Paul is gonna be the next president of the United States. Liberalism is done, we’ve had it.


Rand Paul to announce president run in 2016 tomorrow?

Senator Rand Paul just posted this video, teasing us that he’s about to announce something big tomorrow. He’s probably gonna make it official that he’s running for president.

Ted Cruz was the first Republican to announce a 2016 president bid. Look like Rand Paul is gonna be next.

That’s good ’cause I prefer Rand Paul over Ted Cruz anyways. Rand Paul is the conservative president that we need to get our country back. Rand Paul is a fighter indeed.


Rand Paul vs. President Obama, it’s officially on!!!

Sen. Rand Paul has been planning a lawsuit against President Obama over the NSA scandals and he’s had a petition making the rounds of the web. The lawsuit is officially filed.

Check it out, here.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this lawsuit plays out. I’m having a feeling that this will get Sen. Paul no where ’cause with money, power and professional lying… Obama could win the dismissal easily.

I’m fearing for Rand Paul’s safety now… hope he doesn’t get himself into a fatal accident.

I’m wishing Sen. Paul good luck, though! Get him!


You should check out Rand Paul’s twitter… good stuff…

Just Senator Paul’s way of wishing our government a Merry Christmas. Hope Barack and Michelle and their two daughters will enjoy their day tomorrow. Hopefully, Barack won’t be around to celebrate next year’s Christmas.


Edit to add: Btw, nobody is wishing death on Obama… I was referring to impeachment or arrest, of course.