I agree with Mitt that Bill Clinton shouldn’t be the focus to stop Hillary for running in 2016…

I like Sen. Rand Paul and all but I disagree with him bringing Bill Clinton into things hoping that will make Hillary lose her chances of running for President in 2016. I understand why Sen. Paul is doing that but that shouldn’t be the focus. The Monica Lewisnky stuff was a long time ago. It’s over and done with. Bill took responsibility for his actions and admitted to it all. It’s all over… no need to bring it up again, ya know? If Bill is still womanizing, who cares… that shouldn’t be a surprise to people that he’s still trying to get into women’s pants but Bill’s womanizing shouldn’t be the focus on trying to bring down Hillary.

Instead Republicans should be focusing on Benghazi. Expose Hillary for the Benghazi attacks and that will for sure ruin her chances. Hopefully Hillary gets exposed for Benghazi before 2016 comes.

The full story, here.


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