If GOP candidates want to have a fair debate, they need to stop having liberals as moderators…

The problem with the GOP candidates is that they keep having their debates on liberal networks which is what they gotta stop doing if they want to be respected by moderators. If they keep having their debates moderated by libtards, they’re just gonna keep getting treated badly. Libtards hate everything Republican and they’re on one side only so they’ll do anything to destroy the GOP. They need to have a TV debate where it’s moderated by conservative people.

My suggestions for conservative moderators, they need people like:

– Sean Hannity
– Rush Limbaugh
– Mark Levin
– Bill Whittle
– Ted Nugent
– Wayne Allyn Root
– Judge Jeanine Pirro
– Ann Coulter
– Michelle Malkin
– Dinesh D’ Souza

They need people like them. We had enough of liberal moderators already. How about something a little different and get moderators from a right-wing point of view, ya know? It’s a good idea. Try to get a different view of politics and their issues.

Just a little thought.


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