Trump & Carson are correct… the politically correct are out in full force…

What do they mean when they say “politically correct”? The way I’m looking at that term is that it’s a form of censorship. You have to watch and be careful what you say each time you open your mouth. When you say something someone else disagrees with someone else will come around and claim you are “incorrect” when you know you’re right. They claim what they say is the truth. Then they’ll yell at you for being offensive and “wrong”. That’s politically correct.

Examples of political correctness:

– People believing that marriage should be between a man and woman. Others believe gays have the right to marry.

– All of this Black Lives Matter stuff is all PC too. Like when you want to say that Trayvon, Michael and Freddie were thugs… people will come and try to “correct” you that they were just innocent people who didn’t deserve what they got. That’s all PC.

– You try to prove that Muslims are evil and terrorists, they encourage violence and kill people… some wants to believe that Muslims are peaceful and good people who don’t deserve to be treated like terrorists. You get called racist for doing so. That’s all PC.

– When you want to call illegal immigrants criminals, murderers pedophiles and rapists. Some would want to believe that’s not true and some want to believe illegal immigrants are just good people needing our help. That’s all PC.

– When you want to call Barack Obama a criminal, liar and lawless president. People will try to correct you saying that he’s done nothing wrong, You’re a conspiracy theorist or a racist. That’s all PC.

– You’re against abortion and you believe killing babies is murder. Then some will get all over you and say that women have the right to do what they want with their bodies. That’s all PC.

I can go on all day with this but you get the idea.

That’s why Trump & Carson are getting popular ’cause they are the only two GOP candidates who fights back at the PC Crowd. We should be able to speak the truth without the PC crowd getting in our faces everyday. This has gotta stop for sure.

I’m real tired of the left’s “one-sided” opinions. It’s getting old and tiresome. They don’t understand the “truth” at all ’cause those people are on one side only.


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