Report: Osama Bin Laden still out there, threatens France…

Osama Bin Laden released a new audio message, saying that he will kill two journalists if France doesn’t leave Afghanistan.

Read the full story, here.

A lot of people online are saying, that they didn’t know that Bin Laden is still alive. Really? Of course, he is. Bin Laden haven’t been caught yet, because like I keep saying here in this site, that he’s in an area where it’s tough to find. He’s like hiding out in a top secret area. I’m sure he’s being protected by armed men, so to go after Bin Laden and take him won’t be easy. The U.S. Army can’t just go to his hideout and grab him or they’ll be killed immediately.

Catching Saddam Hussein was easy because Saddam was hiding out at a place without security or protection. Bin Laden is being protected. As long as Bin Laden’s still alive, he can keep sending us and other countries threats, and he can still attack if he wanted.

I would like Bin Laden to be caught like everyone else, but it’ll be a long time for that to happen. The war in Afghanistan won’t end until he and Al Qaeda are caught. How is Bin Laden able to send out his messages via audio/video? He does that through anonymity. If he uses the phone to call a radio station or call the TV news, he could be easily hunted down that way.

Bin Laden is a coward.


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