Obama ignores advice from generals for the 6th time about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan…

Part of a president’s job is that he must listen and take orders from US generals but for the 6th time Obama ignores the generals request to withdraw troops.


So you ask, why should the Obama admin. remove US troops from Afghanistan to end the war there like they keep promising? Probably because there’s no longer a war to be fought. All the enemies and terrorists have already been defeated. The war has gone on for so long.

I’m sure Obama wants to withdraw the troops but he can’t ’cause in my opinion, he’s not competent enough to give those kind of orders so the way I’m looking at it is Valerie Jarrett is calling all the shots here. She’s the one giving Obama the orders to ignore the general’s request of withdrawing the troops.

Valerie is Obama’s boss. In order to get rid of Obama, have to get rid of her first. They’re doing whatever it takes so they can keep Obama in power even after 2017.


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