Thought For the Day: Be careful who you start dating, many are just looking for help…


This came across my facebook newsfeed and thought it was interesting so I decided to share it here. This is so true though.

If I ever start dating women at some point, I’m gonna be careful next time around. When you start dating people, you’re gonna get used and get played a lot. Why would women “use” you? Well, for the most part you probably make more money than her and she’s probably dating you just for that aka gold digger. If you drive, she could also be using you to bring her to places where she needs to go aka “free rides”. She could also be coming to you only when she needs something. Whenever she has no one else to talk to or to hang out with, those are the only times when she’ll want to do things with you ’cause she’s bored.

These are the women you want to avoid, “the users” and I’m gonna do my best to avoid them too. When you feel “used” don’t be afraid to dump her yourself ’cause I’m not gonna put up with it anymore. Beware ’cause not all women are really into you at all even though it may seem like it. Not all women are troublemakers I know but some of them can be.


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