I wonder how Obama is gonna respond to Seymour Hersh’s report on Bin Laden raid???

It’s interesting how Seymour Hersh’s report on the Bin Laden raid accusing Obama of lying about it blew up all over the media and social networking. I wonder how Obama and his administration is gonna respond to it? I’m sure he will at some point but all he’s gonna do is defend himself and lie even more. He’s probably gonna continue to maintain that he’s the one who took down Bin Laden but if he really did then why don’t he prove it himself? The US White House wanted Osama Bin Laden murdered but they got help with the Pakistani, it wasn’t Navy Seal Team 6 that got him at all. They used Navy Seal Team 6 as a way to protect the Obama administration as a way to show people that they didn’t work with terrorists to take down Bin Laden. If Americans knew that the US worked with the Pakistani terrorists to take down Bin Laden, it would have gotten Obama into a lot of trouble and he wouldn’t have gotten re-elected so they used the Seals as a cover. Technically, the US STILL took down Bin Laden but they still used terrorists to help them. Which is no surprise ’cause Obama is a terrorist supporter and sympathizer… Obama is always willing to work with terrorists which is how Benghazi happened, ya know?

Liberals and Obama supporters will never believe Seymour Hersh’s story ’cause they won’t believe anything that tells the truth about Obama no matter the situation. No matter what gets put out there, the libs will smear and attack those who expose Obama.

If Obama had someone else killed Bin Laden for him whether it was the Pakistani’s or the Seals, Obama still didn’t technically kill Bin Laden. Knowing how egomaniacal and narcissistic Obama really is, he will do anything to make himself look like a hero. Ever since the Bin Laden death announcement Obama made, he’s been giving himself credit for taking down Bin Laden ever since and the American public actually bought into that shit. If it’s true that Obama had terrorists take down Bin Laden for him, then it could be the end of Obama.

Seriously guys, you should have seen this coming. I’ve been trying to school you all in on how Bin Laden’s death and raid was all a lie and a hoax but of course, people called it all “conspiracy theory”. Libs will only believe what Obama and the media says. You can’t trust these people at all.

Obama won’t take responsibility for this just like he won’t take responsibility for anything else. In Obama’s delusional mind, he thinks he’s above the law and thinks he can get away with everything.

I wonder how he’s gonna prove his innocence on this one? He won’t be able to. I think he’ll have no choice but to give up and confess to us but you know he will never do that. Obama really is a coward. This asshole will do anything to protect himself even if it means killing people to keep the truth from getting out there. This man is crazy. Wake up, America. Get out of your delusions and face reality for a change.


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