Like I said before Obama is capable of doing terrible and crazy things to America, learn to embrace that truth!!!

Liberals never cease to amaze me. When that Seymour Hersh report about Bin Laden got out, liberals predictably defended Obama like they almost always do and then they act like Obama isn’t capable of doing such a crazy thing. I’ve said it many times. Obama is capable of anything. Just because he’s President of the United States doesn’t mean he’s a good guy and doesn’t mean he’s an innocent man. Anybody can commit a horrible crime and do crazy things, that includes the President. Yes, they are capable of hiding personal information about their lives. They are capable of committing crimes and covering it up. They are capable of lying about everything. Yes, they are capable of cancelling elections and starting something called, “Martial Law”. Presidents are human… they’re just like us. They are no different. If we can commit crimes and do dangerous things, so can they.

They can do crazy stuff just to win elections and that can go as far as committing voter fraud and crazy things like taking credit for killing terrorist leaders. You can elect bad people as president and that’s what America have done with Barack Obama. America didn’t vote wisely. They thought Obama was a good guy and thought he would be a great president and turns out that he didn’t turn out to be exactly that. Sure enough, liberals still defend him to this day and still claim that he’s a “great” president. They know he’s a bad guy… I can tell that they know he’s a bad guy and they won’t admit it. The only reason they say he’s still great and there’s nothing wrong with him is ’cause they love pissing off conservatives and that’s why they do it. That’s why liberals are nothing but bullies these days, ya know?

They don’t think he’s capable of doing horrible things at all. Yes, Obama is capable of sending a bunch of terrorists to assassinate other government people and cover it up. He can even take out a knife and cut someone’s heads off, the government can cover it up for him and the media will continue to protect him. That’s how messed up our country is right now.

Even if there’s hard evidence proving that a liberal President is a dangerous man, liberals are never gonna believe it. They’ll find a way to defend him.

I’m sick of people being on one side. Like they all say, liberalism is a mental disorder and really is if you think about it.

If there’s hard evidence and proof showing how guilty Obama is of his crimes, then he should be charged and he should be held accountable.

I don’t care what his skin color is. You can’t defend him on everything whenever there’s some truth told about him, ya know? Every time there’s some new truth about him that gets surfaced, some will be quick to brush it off as “conspiracy theory” and whatever. No matter what gets said about Obama, people will be quick to jump in for his defense. I never understood why people get so obsessed and hung up on defending the man. It proves even more that people are really whacky and messed up in the head.

When will people wake up and realize that Obama is not a good guy that people thought he was? That’s all I want people to do. Wake up and look at reality but nope… people will think he’s innocent no matter what gets put out there. Welcome to Obama’s America.


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